News : “I’m a little disappointed in my time”

News : “I’m a little disappointed in my time”

Kilian ended up somewhat disappointed in his debut

He was the man to watch. All the cameras on the broadcast were focused on him. Kilian Jornet has delighted us with its premiere this Saturday, October 17, in a road test. Something that neither we nor he until a couple of years ago would have imagined has never happened. It was in the 10k Hytteplanmila, the fastest race in Norway and in which, among others, the Ingebrigtsen brothers also participated.

Jornet had commented in the preview that he would be happy after the test if he managed to be around 29:30. Finally he has not reached that mark and has stayed at 29:59, which is still spectacular considering the type of training he has done throughout his life. Jornet has set a pace of 3: 00 / km, somewhat worse than what he had in mind, and has remained 1’40 ”behind the winner of the test, the Norwegian Zerei Kbrom Mezngi (28:20). He has finished 18th out of a total of 63 participants.

Another assault

After the race he posted a video on his social networks explaining his feelings: “I did it, I ran a test on the road, on the flat. It has been quite interesting. I have run the Hytteplanmila, a 10k here in Norway. I have managed to get below 30 minutes (29:59). I’m a bit disappointed with the time, I was hoping for better. The last two weeks I have had a tibia injury that has not allowed me to train and today I have felt it from the beginning. But I am happy with the experience, I have a lot to learn, I have made many mistakes. Let’s see if I have another assault. For now I’m going to rest for a week, try to make the pain go away and try again, yes, it was fun ”.

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