News : "I'm going for the Olympic minimum in Valencia"

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"I'm going for the Olympic minimum in Valencia"

Chiki Pérez, one of the most fit fondistas of the moment
Chiki Pérez, one of the most fit fondistas of the moment

He gave an exhibition just a few weeks ago at the Valencia Half Marathon. Second best brand ever. Also in the city of Turia, which left such a good aftertaste, Chiki Pérez will debut at the distance of the Philippi. He is aware that he has already generated an expectation that is difficult to control. Discreet and hardworking as few, the Manchego athlete says he is looking for the minimum for the Tokyo Games. With the bug of a "rookie", but with the security that his legs give him and the enormous work of these months, the pupil of José Luis Mareca attends us in the Radio del Corredor before that great premiere.

What a show in Valencia, ‘Chiki’…. And that you did not prepare specifically for the average!

"It is true that when I planned to run the marathon, I did decide that I would also run the half marathon, but I was not thinking of making a brand like the one I had the other day in Valencia."

“One of the keys, as I said, was to remove the egg because it was always swollen, with discomfort, not resting well. It was taking off the new one and starting to find me much better. It is true that I was training very well, but they were training for the marathon and that week it is true that I had the average, but until the previous Thursday I did series. That is, I only did two days of filming and competed. I didn't know how it was going to come, with what freshness. But it is true that I must have been assimilating the kilometers very wellThat's because they kicked off and I felt very good. I think if I had rested for rest I would have found myself worse. It is a sensation that I cannot explain. ”

“It's true that I talked to Pepe, my coach, and told him that I looked great. He sent me the rhythms of the marathon series, but I always made them faster. I told him that I thought 1h01 ’could do it, but not at all get off of that. But I felt so good that after the starting gun I hit the Africans and when I wanted to realize I was in the situation I had in the 10k of Valencia. In the absence of 300 meters I had the opportunity then to have options of lowering 28 ’and this time lowering 1h01’ a before the final stretch. Pepe is a coach that with few words you understand. I said, "Pepe, I think I'm fine." Then he told me: "Chiki, on Sunday there will be sparks." But it's true that neither he nor I dreamed about it. ”

What should we expect from you in Valencia after what we saw on average?

“I don't know if people expect me to go out to risk because it won't be like that. It's my debut, I have no experience and I want to go out and do the minimum for the Games. I will try to be the best Spanish. There will be time in another marathon to risk. My coach already tells me that it is a mistake to risk at my premiere no matter how well the average has come out. ”

Why Valencia and why debut in the marathon right now?

“The truth that At the beginning of the year in my head I was still on the track because every year I improve marks in the 10,000 and 5,000, but it is true that I have run many more 10,000 on the track and I have a worse mark than on the road. My coach has always told me that I have a marathon body, that in the marathon I will go very well and it came up. The possibility of debuting in Valencia arose because I am from the Cárnicas Serrano Club, which is from Valencia, and I knew that my premiere was going to be there. Then it turned out that Toni also wanted to debut there. In addition to having the same coach and manager that came up. We had not thought about it and in the end we threw it away. I was afraid at first because I knew I had to train very hard and did not rest well. I had respect for him, but now everything is going very well. It will be an experience that I don't know if it will work out well or badly but the preparation is leaving me with a good taste in my mouth. ”

A pity about Toni Abadía ...

“Both Toni and I were coming from the track and we had only 12 weeks to prepare, which is the minimum. Toni suffered an overload in the ischia and lost days of training, of runs. And of course if we were already fair with 12 weeks, in his case he was risky with so little training. We must tell that we are inexperienced in marathon. With 16 weeks, if you lose one then nothing happens. In this case it was a bit risky. That's why he decided not to pull forward. ”

That of which it is counterproductive to run an average of one month after the marathon, no case, right?

"I knew that if I came to run the average I would not come to run at medium gas Because I don't know how to do it. If I get on a starting line with a bib I will run as much as I can. I am like that, very impulsive. My coach told me to take advantage of the state in the way I had. I have recovered very well in addition because after average I have done normal workouts, bending. In fact, I am training very well I would say, so nothing bad has come to me from that; On the contrary, it has given me a plus, something positive to make that brand so good. Trust".

Make us an x-ray of your preparation for this Valencia Marathon.

“The truth is that when I started talking to Pepe, a few kilometers ago, around 90,10,110,120, I was going around. I don't know if it was because of the egg issue that I felt more fatigued or why. As I was very afraid of the marathon it is true that I have focused a lot, meals, rest, I have made it very professional. The first week I made 161 kilometers and the second 175 seems to me. And every week they have gone around 170-180, all. I have been assimilating them well. Something we thought it was going to cost us didn't cost me at all. I used to do more gym and now I do one day a week, but Pepe puts us on some slope training, which is still another kind of strength. Then I do abdominal and core exercises two days a week to strengthen the abdomen because for the marathon you have to be strong to endure so many kilometers. ”

Can you tell us what your career strategy will be?

“My coach has told me that we will not talk about time until we have practically completed all the workouts. Because of course maybe this week, God forbid, I feel bad, I can not train well and what we have in mind then I can not carry out. Or I feel very well and decide to step forward. But In any case I will be conservative because I do not want to hit the host on my debut. What I do not want is that the kilometer 35-36 arrives, I run out of strength and ends up kicking. So I am going to leave quietly to finish stronger in the end, but I already tell you that we have to sit still to talk about rhythms. ”

Have you asked any expert marathoner for that debut?

“My coach gives me a lot of confidence because he has run a lot of marathons and has been in this for a lifetime. He knows me perfectly and I know that what he tells me he does because he really believes it. I don't know how to explain it, but his experience gives me a lot of confidence. Yes it is true that I have also spoken with Nacho Cáceres, my partner in Carnicas Serrano, and it is true that I have written to him one day asking him about nutrition, kilometers, and he has given me his advice as a good companion. But in the end what José Luis Mareca tells me is going to mass"

Speaking of Pepe. What a job he is doing with you, with Abadía, with Carlos Mayo ...

“What Pepe transmits to me is humility, security. I pass the workouts to him, every day we talk and he simply tells me "we are doing well, Chiki" or "beware of this". With him telling me it's going well I don't need more. In the end you have to blindly trust your coach. If you tell me that things are going well, I am nobody to say otherwise. He tells me: "Chiki, today you don't have to force so much" or "go calmer in filming." It is trust, pure and hard. ”

With Toni you have a special relationship, but in the end you are also forced to see him as a rival ...

“I have always said that before rivals we are friends and partners. I have always commented that one gets on the starting line and wants to win, but if someone has to win me, let it be Toni. I'd rather my friend beat me. In fact, right now I am in a town next to Valencia and he is with me, he has come to help me with the preparation and I helped him with his goal now, which is the cros, the European ”.

How do you carry the issue of media focus, Chiki?

“I get along well because I am a person who is up or down I will always go the same way. I don't have to prove anything to anyone but myself. It is true that the athletic world is a bit sad, so to speak, because I have been running all my life and I have done more important things and it has not been recognized. And it is true that now more people call you and such, but I follow mine. I don't care if they expect me to make an ‘x’ mark because I'm going for my goal, which is none other than the Olympic minimum. ”

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