News : "I'm in Monaco to make a personal mark, it's my World Cup"

News :

"I'm in Monaco to make a personal mark, it's my World Cup"

Car goes all out in Monaco / EFE

Chatting with Fernando Carro is a 'slap' of optimism and energy. The Madrid athlete is in optimal form despite the fact that this summer he has not competed as much as he would have wanted or how he would have liked. In fact, after having just participated in a couple of tests at the national level, it is already launching for a Meeting of the Diamond League in Monaco that, due to its high level, by participants and due to the current context, is expected as the World Championship of this 2020, orphans of the Olympic Games and the Paris Europeans. Fernando brings us up to date on how he faces the competition and how he envisions his test, a 3,000 obstacles in which he will have top-tier rivals such as El Bakkali, Getnet Wale and Lamecha Girma.

Postponement of the Games

“At some point, the first moment you see yourself in this situation, I could think about it. But I think it's the other way around, that I'm going to be better. It gives me a test bench year; right now we would be almost competing in the Olympics; It's true that I'm fine now, but I may be better next year, that I can give a couple of laps to some details that I would not have been able to take care of, diet, training in height, etc. It will be the optimal time of physiological age to face this appointment in my test, the 3,000 obstacles ”, Carro tells us about the postponement of the Games.

An unofficial World Championship

“In the end it is true that it is a competition that is like a World Championship that will try to find great world records. I'm going to see myself looking for a personal brand or getting closer to my personal brand. Yes it is true that nervousness is there, but it is something you should know how to carry. After so many years with that backpack of responsibility, I hope to be at least a little bit at the level I think I am at right now ”, analyzes the Madrid native.

“Last year before Rome I only did hurdles training. In the end even if it is anarchic or my technique is not the most orthodox what matters to me is having a good rhythm on smooth. In the end I know how to jump over obstacles, I know how to play with them. There are many athletes who are limited to the test pace level. My key is to look for that excellence in the smooth and from there transfer it to the obstacle. This year I am going to do three obstacle courses before Monaco. You have to get there with everything because it is my particular world championship ”, he assures.

Europe's Record, far but not so far

“Everything has great uncertainty, you don't even know if you are going to be able to travel. It would be stupid if you ignored those problems. I'm going to get there in an optimal state of form, similar to or better than last year at this time. In the end if you get the math I can be for personal brand. Then comes how the day will be, how will the rivals, the hares ...You don't really know how you are going to find yourself in the competition. If I'm good, remarkable, I should be safe below 8:10, I see it with solvency. From there there are many factors ”.

“Last year I had an exaggerated hunger for the Spanish Record. This year I have it, but this year I see it even further, the next step is at 8:00:14, which is the European Record. They go five seconds, it is an abyss and they are rhythms ...I see the partials of my career last year that Jokin Carmona went up and should go down one second each of the 1,000… I would surpass my personal best and make almost the European Record. At that moment I say: "I'm going to push forward." They are all utopias and what I have to do is make sure I am below 8:10. What works for me now is to be able to run easily between quotes at 8:08, 8: 09…. What I know is that you have to be in those brands and that you have to face Monaco as if it were a World Championship, "he says.

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