News : Images of the runner who stabbed a dog lead to his arrest

News : Images of the runner who stabbed a dog lead to his arrest

Last week the murder of a dog by a runner shocked the whole of Flanders. The events occurred in Waasmunster, Belgium, when the three-year-old Jack Russell breed dog (called Dribbel) came across a runner who at that very moment took a knife from his vest, stabbed the animal and then ran away.

The scene took place in front of the dog’s owner who was finishing his walk in the afternoon and had just removed the leash from Dribbel’s neck. Officially that is not allowed. In Belgium, dogs on public roads always have to be leashed, but on his own street, he made an exception. “Hardly anyone comes here and by the way: Dribbel has never hurt a fly“, He commented to AD news.

Thereafter the local police controlled the runners in the area without success. A week later, police distributed images from a local camera showing Dribbel’s suspected killer and several people recognized him. It was a 43-year-old runner from Lokeren, a member of a local athletics club and a well-known ultra-runner.

When the police proceeded to arrest him, he had deleted the day’s tour from his Strava account. Even so, he admitted what happened during the first interrogation, at which point he was arrested and brought to justice.

After spending the night in the dungeon, he was released under conditions that have not been disclosed. At the moment, it is unknown who triggered the attack and why he was carrying a sharp object while running. According to some information, the runner collects rare plants when he goes out for a run.

The information led to a subsequent persecution on social media. His name, photo and even his job title as a scientist at the Institute for Nature and Forest Research was massively published, along with his address and phone number. The man closed his Facebook profile and, in turn, filed a complaint about threats through social networks.

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