News : In the interview, Jose Mourinho's tears come

News :

In the interview, Jose Mourinho's tears come

"From the first moment I came into professional football it has been a click, since then it has been a serious matter, without a break, now it's over, I can not really enjoy it, I miss that Football, adrenaline, the grass, my work, football is football, "Mourinho says, wiping a tear from his eyes.

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The Portuguese star coach was approached in an interview with the Italian "Gazzetta dello Sport" on his involuntary break. The otherwise quick-witted Mourinho quickly becomes emotional - as you can easily see in the video.

Since December 2018 without trainer job

In December 2018, Mourinho was dismissed as Manchester United manager. Currently Mourinho acts as a TV expert for the English broadcaster "Sky Sports" and analyzes the Premier League there.

Former players Mourinhos, who had also discovered the video, sent the 56-year-old uplifting news. Cesc Fabregas tweeted: "Legend, we miss you too, come back soon, Mister."

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