News : “In the middle of the race I felt soaked; it was a final of wear and tear”

News : “In the middle of the race I felt soaked; it was a final of wear and tear”

May, after running the final in Tokyo / Reuters

Brave. A natural competitor. Aggressive. Carlos Mayo is living through a brutal last few months. He continues to grow as an athlete and in the final of the 10,000 last Friday he starred in a spectacular Olympic premiere. 13th out of 26 participants, third European and bravely holding out in the leading group until practically the last 800 meters in an empty Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

A race that was ended by Selemon Barega with a tremendous change of pace and in which the world record holder Joshua Cheptegei and his compatriot, the Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo, who started as a great favorite, completed the podium. A test marked by a beastly humidity and a thermometer that touched 30 degrees. Extremely tough conditions that did not prevent Mayo from performing at a high level and finishing in 28:04. But in this case, obviously, the brand is the least since the vast majority were well above their best personal records.

A lot of humidity and cold blood

Carlos himself tells us a little about his personal chronicle of the most special race of his sporting career: “The race was tactically complicated, with a lot of hardships, fast laps, slow laps and that in the end was wearing away. It was 30 degrees on the track and it was very humid, although I did not have the feeling of being uncomfortable. But it is true that in the middle of the race I realized that I was soaked in sweat and at a muscular level it was noticeable, that when you put in a lap a little faster, your legs did not respond so well ”.

“In general, the sensations were very very good, I felt good, if I had started a more demanding pace at the beginning I could have made an even better mark. I am very happy, I have lived it as a unique experience, which is what it is. With calm from having had the cold blood to be back there and endure a little while the race was happening, try to win a position. Taking into account how it came from personal brands, the result is to be very satisfied ”. And beware, the 5,000 is missing.

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