News : Ingebrigtsen and Crippa, two stars prepare Tokyo Games in Spain

News : Ingebrigtsen and Crippa, two stars prepare Tokyo Games in Spain

Crippa and Ingebrigtsen ‘suffer’ in different parts of Spain

That we live in a country with magnificent conditions is no secret. Far from the continental climate (extremely cold in winter and too dry and hot in summer) of most European countries, Spain offers a quality of life and ideal temperatures practically at any time of the year. Obviously not all its regions, but you do have multiple options both in terms of equipment and comfort that are sure to suit you depending on the month or time of the season.

In this atypical 2020, many and many athletes are currently in preseason. Thinking of 2021 in which the Tokyo Olympic Games, postponed and highly confirmed by the CIO for next summer, will undoubtedly be the appointment marked in red on the calendar. Many illusions and much sacrifice is already being put on the grill so that the preparation is the ideal and perfect to reach 100% that second half of July.

The Ingebrigtsen, in Granada

Some (the luckiest ones) already have the ticket. Others must earn it (in marathon sir go further, Valencia will serve on December 6 so that many seek the minimum). Two world-class stars are currently in our country doing this first part of the preparation. We mentioned one of them in the Corridor Stock Exchange a few days ago, Jakob Ingebrigtsen and his brother Filip are at the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center training at height and taking advantage of the magnificent views and equipment of one of the jewels of Spanish sport. Jakob has completed half of his preparation (a month in total) and he still has two weeks left in this location in the Sierra de Granada. He recently hung up a 400 series workout on track. At 2,320 meters high …

Crippa, surrounded by volcanoes

Another top-level athlete within our borders catching up is the Italian of Ethiopian origin Yeman Crippa. In his case, many kilometers away, in the Canary Islands. Specifically in Las Cañadas (Tenerife), in the beautiful volcanic land that surrounds Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. From November 9 The concentration long distance runner is there, where he plans to spend a month training at altitude (about 2,100 meters above sea level). There is the Italian accompanied by his coach Massimo Pegoretti and with his training partner Mohad Abdikadar.

Until December 7, Crippa will benefit from this very favorable climate of the Canaries and taking advantage of the altitude. “It is perfect for us. At a time when it was not possible to return to Kenya, as we had done in the last two seasons at this time of year, it is perfect for us. There is a paved road of about 4.5 km and a gym in our hotel. Great“, Assures his coach. The Italian national record holder of 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 has lived through a spectacular summer in which he beat the Italian record of 10,000 at the Ostrava meeting with a mark of 13:02:26. Welcome!

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