News : Ingebrigtsen Cheruiyot, finally a physical, real and equal duel

News :

Ingebrigtsen Cheruiyot, finally a physical, real and equal duel

Cheruiyot-Ingrebrigtsen, one of the attractions of Monaco

After what was experienced in the past Impossible Games in Oslo, which included a virtual duel thousands of kilometers away between the Norwegian capital and Nairobi between two of the best 'milqui' athletes in the world such as Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Timothy Cheruiyot, the confrontation of the truth arrives this Friday. On that occasion, in a totally innovative format and that the truth was a revolution and it was very curious to see because of the fact that we stood out from the tremendous distance and that it could be done simultaneously, the Nordic had much more favorable conditions than Cheruiyot. Beyond the tremendous waterspout that fell on the track in the Kenyan capital is the issue of height.

The Louis II will have a memorable afternoon

That is why it is not an unreliable indicative and that in the Louis II you can see something totally different. He also had the Kenyan (3:28:41 personal best) weeks to continue with his set-up. Jakob stopped the clock at 4.50.04, the European record of 2,000 meters. That is another, the distance, this time it will be about 1,500, something that should also favor Timothy.

The loss of Manangoi

“In 1,500 the duel between Cheruiyot and Ingebrigtsen is not something to take into account. He has lost Manangoi, who is the one who was pulling him; Let's see how the loss of a training partner affects him psychologically. The Ingegbrigtsen have shown that the first part of the season has gone well, especially for Jakob. Now it is the cornerstone, to arrive at a meeting like Monaco with the tradition of 1,500. They will not have many more shots of this level, with hares, and it is a little that attracts our attention ”, Óscar Fernández commented to us in the previous one in Monaco. Manangoi was recently sanctioned for missing three controls.

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