News : Interview with Adri Ben after being sixth in the world in Doha

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Interview with Adri Ben after being sixth in the world in Doha

Adri Ben, during the Doha World Cup / EFE
Adri Ben, during the Doha World Cup / EFE

Definitely, one of the proper names of the Spanish delegation in Doha. He arrived after achieving a minimum of almost surprise in the 800 when he had been focusing the season towards 1,500. He decided to try at the Barcelona Meeting in ‘eight’ and could not get better on a stormy afternoon in Barcelona. From there, specific preparation for his debut in a World Cup with only 21 years.

His debut was spectacular, but it is that the growth and the ‘laziness’ with which he lived the semifinals and the final have put him on the international map as an athlete to take into account in the great competitions. In the Broker's Bag We chat with Adri Ben, who serves us from Doha with a good trancazo after a week full of emotions, temperature changes and a titanic effort.

Your first final in an absolute World Cup. In Viveiro the Plaza Mayor was filled and your father said you would not be the last ...

“He knows my competitive gene perfectly. I knew that I would not settle for running the final and that I would fight with nails and teeth. I have received many hugs, but the family has not yet arrived. I felt a great pride seeing the square of my town like that ”.

You were the fastest in the final in the last 200 meters ...

“In three races, muscle fatigue made a big dent. My strategy was to regulate and try to win some position at the end. Opposite I had world records, Olympic medalists, US records, people 1:42 ... My options were to pick up ‘corpses’. ”

How did you live the three races, the most intense of your life?

Intense have been. In series they spent six times and I went brave, to throw. If it didn't happen, it wasn't for attitude. In ‘semis’ I was more fatigued and everything depended on fatigue. I knew they would go fast and I had to keep to the end. He could not go better.

Will your planning change now?

In principle, things will remain the same and what the coach says goes to Mass.

How have you assimilated this ‘earthquake’ media?

I have my head in place and my parents have a good fault. All this 'boom' gets along, but when they twisted in the European sub’23 I saw who is really when you have a bad time.

What do you feel like doing now?

Disconnect, be with family and friends, charge batteries, take the new season with maximum enthusiasm and prepare the Indoor World Cup.

With the permission of Orlando Ortega and his controversial bronze, do you feel a bit of the ‘burning nail’ of the Spanish delegation?

Orlando is our best athlete and what happened was an injustice. I am very happy to have made many people happy, who even without knowing athletics have sat on the couch and vibrated with my careers.

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