News : Irene Sánchez-Escribano, PB and ticket to Tokyo; Jesús Gómez, one step away from Doha

News :

Irene Sánchez-Escribano, PB and ticket to Tokyo; Jesús Gómez, one step away from Doha

Irene Sánchez-Escribano has left Birmingham
Irene Sánchez-Escribano has left Birmingham

Jesús Gómez and Irene Sánchez-Escribano got this Sunday in the Birmingham Diamond League personal marks in 1,500 and 3,000 m obstacles, although the Burgos remained at 40 cents of the minimum for the Doha World Cups, for which Toledo already had a mark.

Sánchez-Escribano lowers its mark in 10 seconds

Antonio Serrano's disciple was classified tenth and he lowered his mark in four seconds until he left it at 9: 27.53, a chrono placed in the fourth place in the Spanish ranking of all time. There is only Marta Domínguez (9: 09.39), Eva Arias (9: 25.14) and Rosa Morató (9: 26.23).

The brand is also Olympic minimum for the Tokyo 2020 Games (It was set at 9:30 am).

Gomez, a bronze medalist in 1,500 at the Europeans in Glasgow, stayed this Sunday in Birmingham to 40 cents of the minimum mark for the Doha World Cups to qualify sixth with 3: 36.40.

Jesús Gómez, at the gates of Doha

The Burgos, current champion of Spain, came to the English meeting with a record of 3: 38.03, the third worst among the seventeen contestants in the Diamond League race at Alexander Stadium.

He endured in the lead group until the last lap and only gave slightly in the last hundred. The Ugandan Ronald Musagala beat with 3: 35.12.

Last 10 Gómez credited that mark of 3: 38.03 in Granada after two months of inactivity due to an injury. He did not compete since last June 11, when he qualified second at the meeting in Montreuil (France) with a mark of 3: 42.37, precisely behind today's winner, Musagala (3: 42.34).

That day it rained on the track and the 1,500 runners had to wait 15 minutes to take the exit. In such weather conditions, Gomez not only was far from the minimum for the World Cups in Doha (3: 36.00), but suffered a fiber break in a twin who has had nine weeks out of competition.

Until now Only two Spanish accounts with a World Cup minimum at 1,500: Adel Mechaal, Spanish leader with his 3: 33.91 of July 7 in Lausanne, and Kevin Lopez with 3: 34.83 in that same race. In the World Cups each country can line up three athletes per test.

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