News : Is Egan Bernal the best Colombian athlete in history?

News :

Is Egan Bernal the best Colombian athlete in history?

Egan Bernal Best Athlete History Colombia

Less than a year ago we saw Egan Bernal make history in the Champs Elysees of Paris. The Ineos cyclist became, at 22, the first Colombian to win a Tour de France.

Bernal, of whom we have already spoken wonders on more than one occasion, is the great global commitment of Colombian sport. The maximum standard of a country that loves sports culture and everything that surrounds it.

Colombia is passion. A passion and an emotion that brings all the athletes who ever compete internationally under the national flag.

Faced with this strong national emotion and at the gates of a new and exciting Tour of Colombia, in which Egan Bernal is again pointed out as one of the great favorites, it is time to stop along the way and ask a question. A clear, forceful and national question.

Are we facing the best Colombian athlete in history?

Before answering this question, it is appropriate to document yourself.

The relationship of the coffee country with the cycling world comes from afar and that is that since the 80s the beetles have left the Colombian seal in the international squad.

Not long ago we talked about the best Colombian cyclists in history. Some of them could calmly aspire to the top5 of best Colombian athletes of all time.

The Colombian public, unlike what happens in other countries of the world, values ​​more than the results. The delivery, the claw and the pundonor They are decisive when judging the sports career of an athlete.

Young Bernal fully meets all of them. Whenever he competes, he does it by giving his face and offering spectacle to the same finish line.

In addition the results guarantee it. Nairo Quintana was not able to get what Bernal got in his second participation in the Grande Boucle. The talented cyclist from Zipaquirá has everything in his face to shine with his own light and mark an era in the history of national sport. Time is likely to end up giving me reason and perhaps what is still being raised as an open question today, is closed until a Colombian athlete presents his daring candidacy for the throne.

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Bernal still has several years of hard fight with some Colombian athletes who once made enough merits to be remembered for the rest of the days. Are you missing any? Do you think that Egan Bernal is, today, the best Colombian athlete in history?

Send me your opinion through the comments.

Orlando Duke: The diver from Cali was a pioneer in his sport and is a true example of improvement and perseverance. At the age of 10 he began to compete, but quickly had to emigrate to Europe due to the lack of economic support in his native Colombia. Time has proved him right and since 2000 he has won more than 11 World Cliff Diving events. In 2013 he was crowned as the first world champion of the specialty.

Mariana Pajon: We could not ignore the great and laureate Mariana Pajón. The BMX rider is with 8 world championships in different categories, living legend of this small and fun sport. In addition, Pajón is a double Olympic champion and so far is the only Latin American woman to get two Olympic golds in an individual sport. At 28, he wouldn't rule her out for another medal in Tokyo 2020.

Juan Pablo Montoya: The only athlete on the list belonging to the world to the motor world. The Bogotá driver competed for several years in Formula 1 where he won more than one grand prize. Montoya has won two of the three races that make up the triple crown of the world of motor racing.

Radamel Falcao: Top scorer of the Colombian soccer team. Falcao was once considered one of the best gunners in the world. A real area mouse and a killer who has played in teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Atlético de Madrid or Monaco. In 2012 he was chosen as the fifth best player in the world.

Caterine Ibargüen: Another great athlete who has taken the name of Colombia to the highest level. Ibargüen is twice world champion in triple jump and was a medalist in the Olympic games in London and Rio. On this last date he won the gold medal. Ibarguen will arrive in Tokyo with 36 years but with his high level of competitiveness he would not discard it for something big in which they are presumed as his last Olympic games. He also has several titles in the Pan American and South American games.

Juan Sebastián and Robert Farah: We are facing the best Colombian tennis players in history. A couple that has marked differences in the discipline of doubles. Farah and Cabal won two Grand Slam titles in 2019.Wimbledon and the US Open are already in their showcases. In the same season they came to occupy the first position of the world rankig of doubles.

Antonio Cervantes (Pambelé): Twice world champion in welterweight. Pambelé held the 140-pound title for almost eight years and was able to win 52 bouts by KO, losing only 15 bouts throughout his career.

Cecilia "Chechi" Baena: The best skater in history with 24 world titles. Cecilia "Chechi" Baena is on her own merits one of the best Colombian athletes in history. A true eminence in his sport and a pioneer who has taken the Colombian flag to the top of the podium on multiple occasions.

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