News : Is it bad to smoke after running? Physical reasons why you should NOT do it

News : Is it bad to smoke after running? Physical reasons why you should NOT do it

Surely they have already told you that smoking is a habit that you should stop as soon as possible, due to the risks and consequences it entails. The scientific literature that has pointed them out is voluminous, so you are not going to insist because it is clear that whoever smokes knows that it does not suit them. We simply assume that you have not found sufficient motivation to stop.

The truth is that smoking after running is not something only associated with neophytes who are just opening up to healthier lifestyles. There are advanced level amateurs and even professionals who do not discard this toxic habit, and take the opportunity to smoke especially between the end and the beginning of the season. How does it affect and how can its effects be diminished? We see it below.

Smoking and running

Tobacco is toxic for anyone, but doing it after a training session will be even worse (especially if it is aerobic exercise). The pulmonary alveoli will be more prone to accumulate toxic substances. So if you can’t contain the urge to smoke, wait at least two hours before doing so.

Regardless of when you do it, tobacco will negatively influence your sports results, and they can put your health at risk. You may have to counteract its intake with vitamins and minerals to meet your sporting goals, and you may notice less oxygen. In fact, assuming that it is convenient for any hobbyist to visit their doctor before setting ambitious goals, it will be almost imperative if they are a smoker. Nicotine, in addition, also motivates the loss of flexibility,

Regardless of the sport you do, it may be time to set yourself new challenges. If they motivate and excite you, you could combat that feeling of anxiety that leads you to smoke, which would help you quit. In any case, we know that this motivation must come from yourself, and not from external elements such as the sermons of your friends and family.

Is it bad to smoke after running?

Yes, because the pulmonary alveoli will be more prone to accumulate toxic substances. If you can’t kick the habit, wait at least two hours for your regular cigarette.

But it is convenient that we analyze point by point what happens in the body of a smoker. One of the factors to consider is the sarcopenia, which is the loss of mass and strength in muscles in older adults. A study from the Universities of Nottingham, St Louis and Copenhagen showed that smoking accelerates its development, as it impairs the maintenance of muscles and favors the loss of muscle mass.

Smoking makes it difficult for muscles to recover by altering glycogen and insulin levels, leading to fatigue, weakening of fibers and, by extension, more likely to be injured.

The way it affects lung capacity is also among the consequences to consider. When running you need a high volume of oxygen in your muscles and heart, but tobacco use can lead to long-term COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which causes obstruction of air flow in the lungs.

The heart will have increasing difficulty pumping blood, so smoking will also alter the heart rate and can lead to heart attacks. As if that were not enough, it also increases the risk of suffering a thrombus, a stroke or even a sudden death because it hinders the oxygenation of the muscles.

In short, smoking after running is not a recommended practice not only because of the dangers that this toxic habit has for health, but also because the alveoli will be open and will be more permeable to the accumulation of harmful substances from tobacco. If you can’t quit, wait at least two hours after sports practice to smoke.

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