News : Is this health? – The Broker’s Stock Exchange

News : Is this health? – The Broker’s Stock Exchange

NO: I could never imagine athletes with masks running a cross. That is why today I write about the impact that photograph has caused me and I share it with you, who probably know more than I do.

You, who also run.

To you, who have also run a cross and you know what a cross is.

What tea It seems that Photography?

I don’t know what kilometer it will be. But, whatever the minute, the result of that photograph is that, except for one that seems to have taken it off, the athletes are running with masks at the Francisco de Victoria university cross.

“We have to live times andn what we were already born very old ”, it reminds us of the lyrics of Estopa’s song.

But look.

We always have to see what we have not seen, what we do not even imagine.

There are older people who sometimes tell me ‘I’ve already seen everything: I dont believe it.

I dedicate this photograph to those people.

My brother sent it to me and today I want to share it with you or with you, who probably know more than I do.

That is the greatness of this ..

Without intending to offend anyone, I tell you that this photograph invites me to ask myself if that is health.

If a cross, where the right to suffer is guaranteed and the heart is racing, it is the site of the mask.

If there can be any possible relationship between the bib and the mask.

If they are not irreconcilable enemies.

I don’t know about you, but me, what I love to give work to the imagination I could not imagine a photograph like this.

And don’t tell me those athletes don’t know what it’s all about.

I can tell you that between the two, who lead that photograph, the athletes in orange and the one in black, add up to more than 500 crosses.

And I can also tell you that, actually, this is a photograph with a winning mentality.

Not because they are the first of the race (which they are not), but this photograph means the return this season of the university crosses in Madrid that have known how to reinvent themselves (congratulations).

Which have shown that, indeed, Better late than never.

And they have returned in spring, outside their natural season, without the company of cold or gloves or mud or all those things that make the crosses so excited.

But look.

The thing was to return, to be able to return, to have the illusion to return: do not shut up what you feel.

And, indeed, the university cross season lifted the lock this Saturday at the Francisco de Victoria University.

And he left us photographs like this one that (at least, for me) escape ruinous indifference.

If I have been able to offend someone I ask sorry.


I do not want anyone to interpret it as a criticism on my part.

I don’t like hurting those I love: I’ve been running university crosses since 92 and I ran in the last one, which was held three weeks before the lockdown began.

This winter we have missed the crosses very much.

I am infinitely grateful to my brother for sending me this photograph and for seeing that alligator in battle again: David Vázquez Pascual, the athlete who is dressed in black, who heads the persecuting group and who is one of the genuine representatives of the University of Nebrija.

Actually, I would need a separate chapter to tell you about David.

All the stones that have been jumped at the crosses, all the curves that we have faced in the crosses, and all the signals, which threatened to take our patience from us at the crosses, David knows them.

Gone are his best years when he did 31 or 32 minutes in 10,000 (if I remember correctly).

Today, David is a guy in his fifties who no longer has the body of an athlete but does have the head of an athlete. And with that weaponry one can seem invulnerable (listen to me).

Next Saturday I would like to go see them in Alcalá de Henares because this year we independents cannot run: the logic of the pandemic.

And I’ll take pictures.

And we will take pictures.

But, if I were given the choice, I would never like to see again a photograph of an athlete competing with a mask on a cross, where agony behaves, despite everything, What a good person.

And nothing more, friends.

Much encouragement to the organization and thank you very much for coming back, for having known how to return in this difficult year.

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