News : "It bothers me that athletes complain about VaporFly, it's because of impotence"

News :

"It bothers me that athletes complain about VaporFly, it's because of impotence"

Dani Mateo, during the Doha Marathon
Dani Mateo, during the Doha Marathon

He has run two marathons in his life. In the first, in Rotterdam, he finished ninth and achieved a minimum for the Doha World Cup and for the Tokyo Games. In the second, he finished tenth of the world in extreme conditions and surrounded by first class Africans. The irruption of Dani Mateo in the marathon has been a true blessing. Humble, hardworking and authentic, the soriano receives the advice of two of his countrymen who are the legend of our athletics: Abel Antón and Fermín Cacho. About everything that happened to him in Doha, about his ticket to Tokyo, about Kipchoge and much more we chatted with him.

Tenth of the world. Tenth…

“If you tell me a few months ago that if I signed something like that I would say yes from minute 1, but the last few weeks we thought this was something real I could do. My coach Enrique Pascual thought that something stronger could be done even. It is best to see how day-to-day sensations confirm that it is one of the things that make athletes more nervous. ”

“In regards to me we had more complicated circumstances because there was more humidity than on the track, but when the athletes decided to participate and run there they already knew what was going to be. Too It is part of each one's ability to prepare and face the championship with their circumstances. On the track, in addition, with the marcones that have been the conditions have been ideal. As for organization we could not complain, in the attention to the athlete they were very attentive ”.

How can one prepare for such extreme conditions?

“We one of the keys of the preparation was to try to be the best prepared for those circumstances or prepare in places with similar conditions, very hot and humid. Concentrations in Lanzarote or the Ebro Delta, in addition to touching the camera that was in the air army. Then we ran into a pool on a treadmill because there were similar conditions in the hotel. The feeling was around 32º. It has been the special thing about this championship because in addition to being in good shape you had to think about those circumstances as well. The main thing was to have a magnificent state and we got that. ”

What a debut in Dani marathon. And you've only run two!

“The truth that the marathon it was something we had been waiting for many years and we thought it was where I had all the qualities and it fit my characteristics quite a bit. We have done nothing but confirm it. Confirm it in an exceptional way, yes, because until things do not go away you do not stay calm and you always have that little doubt. Things are going to be upside down, training has changed and is very hard, especially the 12 weeks before competing. ”

Now you are ‘resting’. Between quotation marks.

"Really what we are looking for is a break at a psychological level. Because of my circumstances I have not been able to go on a trip as I would have liked with my girl. It is a break in which I take the opportunity to work in my company that I have with my brother, the assembly of a pig farm. I do the tasks that I cannot attend during the year ”.

Is Tokyo already the priority?

"The number 1 goal many hands above all is Tokyo. I want to get there well, do things right. Then along the way as we meet and see if we will have other motivations. You can not stick 10 months without competing, it is necessary. But the important thing is to reach those 12 weeks before Tokyo 100% and in good health to prepare it fully. ”

Did you see about Kipchoge?

“It makes me sad to say it, but I had a very hard morning of work and I couldn't see Kipchoge. I told my brother: “Something historical has happened and I have not seen it” Then I have looked for information and I have watched many videos because it was something brutal ”

“I think it's great knowing what it is, a show. Demonstrate that the man can go down for two hours, but knowing that he is not approved because he does not comply with the basic rules ”.

Let's get into all this mess of shoes. You run with the VaporFly, don't you?

“I run with the VaporFly Next. I am delighted with the footwear. My feeling is that the foot is more protected, but instead I have the reactivity you are looking for with a quick shoe. It is a finer shoe, with a lot of tact and the perfect footprint. It gives you a lot of feeling. It gives me the same reactivity and I get less tired at the muscular level because it is a shoe with a very large drop and a very large sole such as a running shoe. ”

“We really don't know about AlphaFly, we rely on photos and videos. If I tell you the truth, I am very experienced, I like to test things, so I can't tell you. Of course, a stir is forming that it seems that the athlete who is running with Nike is doing something forbidden and I think there have been other brands that in the past have had a compound or circumstances that have been better and there has not been much talk. Perhaps because they were not so groundbreaking or did not sell so much. The Vaporfly is a phenomenal shoe, something unique. ”

“More than fear it seems unnecessary on my personal level because what matters is the engine, the person. The first day I trained with a Steam I did a very bad workout and with any shoe that had run I would have done just as badly. I don't think it's that inside that it's a model we're delighted with. Do not give that importance. It bothers me that athletes of other brands complain and I see it more a matter of impotence, who are not right because they would like to run with this shoe. ”

Are Africans so unattainable in the marathon?

“In Rotterdam many Kenyans came out and fell, when I caught them they were dead. 20 left and I ended up winning six I think. When they fell they couldn't stand anything. It took them and it was easy, they were dead. In Doha, yes, in the first kilometers we were a group of 40-50 and most were Africans, I think we were two or three blanquitos. More than competing, I have noticed that they have something superior in the short distance. I've been living with them, when they come to Soria here at the cross. In the day to day they are very superior, they do very good workouts very easily and it is what has surprised me the most. Then running in a marathon I have not seen them as superior as on the track or on the cross. ”

What plan do you have now?

“It is a disconnection more on a psychological level because last week I ran three days, this five and the next six or seven. But I run more with friends, without pressureI'm not going to abuse either because I'm on vacation. Gradually now participating in the croses and running wheelbarrows. We are going to see how we notice these months the recovery and how is the body and mark the steps ”.

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