News : "It broke my body to run 30 miles a week"

News :

"It broke my body to run 30 miles a week"

Tiger Woods, in a file image

Curious statements which have been made by one of the best golfers in history such as Tiger Woods. The American has stated in a chat live ’chat broadcast by‘ Golf TV ’that one of the most serious mistakes of his career and about which he would back down right now if he could was "Run 30 miles a week for my first six years on the circuit". Apparently, those 48 kilometers that he ran a week as a kid (many amateurs currently run much more than that without problems) destroyed his "body and knees".

The aerobic part of golf

Woods stopped doing it after that initial momentum and his body responded positively, so much so that, as we have commented, the golfer regrets very much for not having made that decision before. The aerobic part, obviously, is not the one most used by a practitioner of this sport, but it never hurts to have a good cardio base to face games that, in the case of an 18-hole round, can last between four and five hours.

In any case, it is hard to believe that going for a run less than 50 kilometers a week could destroy your body, as Tiger affirms in this live, but if that is the perception he has with the experience he accumulates behind him, it will be something for …

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