News : "It's the happiest day of my life"

News :

"It's the happiest day of my life"

Carlos Mayo, at the top of the podium on his land / RFEA

The Aragonese Carlos Mayo, who this Sunday has proclaimed champion of Spain cross country in Zaragoza, has stressed that it was the "happiest" day of his life. “I was when I was European champion but what happened today in Zaragoza, in my house, surpasses it because it has been in front of my people. It has been my first cross-country title and it is a silly one, ”he added in statements to the media.

May explained that the second place achieved by his training partner and friend Toni Abadía and the Aragon silver medal for teams were "history" and that they meant "a dream come true." “It has been something unique and a gift, commented the fondista, who added that he has thanked and praised the support of the Aragonese fans who had gathered throughout the circuit.

The support of its people, decisive

"People has turned over at every turn. I did not listen to my breathing, it has been a real madness, I was floating ”, stressed a Carlos Mayo who has recognized that it is“ difficult ”to win a championship as he had done, standing out from the beginning.

“I have risked, but I knew I was in good shape and in the end I wanted to celebrate it with the fans ”, commented May. He explained that the tactic was to pull hard from the beginning with Toni Abadía because they weighed that they could make a difference, as it happened.

“We have tried but I was surprised when I left alone. I think I have spent a little and I ended up paying at the end but I have known how to suffer ”, has revealed the new champion of Spain. In this regard, he pointed out that when he has seen that there were three laps left and that Toni had stayed He has thought that the same thing had happened of rhythm because what he had had to regulate so that in the end everything went well.

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