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Ivan Perisic at Bayern Munich: Is that enough?

When football clubs present a new player to their fans, their reaction is mostly positive. However, when FC Bayern Munich announced the commitment of Ivan Perisic at noon on Twitter, many hateful comments were also found.

The problem that most critical users with Ivan Perisic seemed to have is that he is Ivan Perisic - not Leroy Sané.

Sané, 23, is one of the most spectacular offensive players in the world. The Bayern advertised long and public advertised for the professional of Manchester City. Since his cruciate ligament injury in early August, it has been quiet about a possible transfer.

Perisic, 30, is not one of the most spectacular offensive players in the world. But neither he nor Bayern deserve ridicule. For Munich, the commitment of Perisic, who initially comes on loan from Inter Milan, should prove a good transfer. In view of the squad situation, he is even necessary.

Currently, the club has no 20 players with significant professional experience together. In the recent Supercup match against BVB (0-2), to catch up, coach Niko Kovac switched to Alphonso Davies and Renato Sanches, talents who did not raise the level of the team.

Bayern's first goal of the season, the championship, seemed threatened. The first team was still very good. But whether 17, 18 experienced professionals are enough for the title?

Perisic fits the game idea of ​​coach Kovac

Perisic would have been the most notable attacker against BVB, with the runner-up of the 2018 likely to compete with Kingsley Coman for the place on the left front in the Bavarian 4-3-3. His sporty profile fits the game idea of ​​coach Kovac.

The Bavarians attacked mainly over the pages, by the middle they rarely tried. Ideal for Perisic, who was mostly used in the past years left-sided, but also works on the right wing.

Perisic is therefore such a valuable outside tracker because he can prepare as well as execute. His crosses are excellent, which should lead to many chances to score, especially if the customer Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller should be available. And for defenders it's hard to calculate when Perisic crosses, because he can use both feet - a quality that is rare at the top level, where every action has to sit.

At the same time Perisic has a sense of suddenly appearing in the penalty area and surprise defenders. That, coupled with his header strength, makes him a target player on flanks from the other side. The tactics blog called him last year "world class at both ends of a flank".

Bayern coach Niko Kovac: People know each other, they value each other

Robert Michael / DPA

Bayern coach Niko Kovac: People know each other, they value each other

In addition, the transfer is almost free of risk. Perisic is initially on loan for a year. If he fails, Bayern can firmly commit him. Transfer fee and salary will have nothing to do with Sané dimensions. That players and coaches know and appreciate is also a plus. In the 19 games in which Kovac was Croatian national coach from 2013, Perisic came only twice not used.

The transfer also raises questions. Is Perisic really the Sané replacement? That would be a questionable decision. Perisic and Sané have different game profiles and you do not get too close to Perisic when you realize that Sané is the more dangerous footballer. The achieved last season, a cut of about 1.1 goals per 90 minutes. Perisic came in at 0.4.

Will there be a second player for the offensive, such as Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho, for whom, according to "El Mundo Deportivo", a Bayern inquiry should be available? Or is still the injured Sané committed and Perisic serves the bridging?

"Want to attack in the Champions League"

That the Munich Perisic wanted to commit for a long time, is certainly not very plausible. Just recently, the "Sport Bild" wrote that Kovac had internally suggested his former protégé as an access to Bayern, but failed with it. If that's true, it raises the question of why Bayern did not contract Perisic earlier. Respectively, why they have now rethought. The transfer strategy of Bayern is currently difficult to investigate.

When the staff was announced at noon, the FC Bayern published a video on its own website, which shows Perisic at the medical check, to a message. Perisic also has a say in it. "We want to attack not only in the Bundesliga and in the DFB Cup, but also in the Champions League," he is quoted. Whether this succeeds is less likely to be related to himself. But with the question of how Bayern use the coming weeks. Until the 2nd of September they can still sign players. Then the transfer window ends.

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