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Ivan Perisic - Hard Pace - Sport

Speed, crazy running time and flexibility: The winger, formerly in the Bundesliga at Borussia Dortmund and the Vfl Wolfsburg, must leave Inter Milan - although he has impressed in the Serie A sporty. The reason is also a fight in the team.

From Thomas Hürner, Milan / Munich

Antonio Conte once explained his nature as follows: he has imagination and joie de vivre from his mum; the uncompromising nature with which he pursues goals, and his stubbornness he has from his dad. Conte, 50, has just taken up a new job as club legend of Italian champions Juventus Turin and is now coach to arch-rival Inter Milan. And at the Nerazzurri, the Italian acts the same way in the style of his father.

Conte demands of his players nothing less than absolute dedication and sacrifice to the collective, and anything that could potentially endanger this goal is mercilessly removed. Ivan Perisic, since Tuesday morning officially new player of FC Bayern, did not fit into the plans of Contes, which is currently radically rebuilding the traditional Italian club. The Croat is initially borrowed from the people of Munich, reportedly for a fee of five million euros. A firm commitment next year would allegedly cost another 20 million euros.

Inter's willingness to respond to a Munich transfer model is likely to be related to a story that has been reported in Italian gazettes for quite some time: in the inter-cab, there are two groups that are limited in their ability to communicate with each other. On the one hand a few players from the Balkans, on the other a few from South America - with Perisic and striker Mauro Icardi as presumptive group leaders and all kinds of nonsense as a result: About the social networks Perisic made friends with about Maxi Lopez, the ex-husband from Icardi's wife and counselor Wanda Nara. She, in turn, regularly sits in Italian TV studios and likes to draw on the club and individual players, again and again about Perisic. On the pitch, Icardi and Perisic boycotted the goal celebrations when the other had hit - things like that. The Argentinean Icardi has been deprived of the captain's armband already in winter, since Contes arrival he has to train separately and is officially for sale.

The sport could not be explained either: Icardi was the most accurate striker in Serie A in the past few years - and no one had more goals for him than Ivan Perisic. The Croat moved in 2015 for a transfer of allegedly 19 million euros to Milan, as an absolute wishful player of the former inter-coach Roberto Mancini. Perisic, who had previously flashed his talent in Dortmund and Wolfsburg, was also in Italy hard on competition and consistency, on the outside he convinced with speed, a crazy running time and flexibility. Incidentally, even in a position for which Conte recently publicly declared him unfit: as a winger in a system with triple chain. Another system is out of the question for Conte.

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