News : Jaël Bestué, Record of Spain of 100m sub-20; María Vicente, first in heptathlon

News :

Jaël Bestué, Record of Spain of 100m sub-20; María Vicente, first in heptathlon

Jaël Bestué, in a file image / RFEA
Jaël Bestué, in a file image / RFEA

María Vicente and Jaël Bestué have been the main protagonists of this first day of the European Under-20 of Boras with the first leading the heptathlon and the second qualifying for the final of the 100 meters.

Bestué was able to run in the morning series in 11.43, establishing a new record of the category, which was 35 years old. The impact of Bestué in the championship has been more than remarkable and this Friday he will fight for the medals.

María Vicente, first

Vicente has competed in the third of the 100 hurdles series, where they were the best of the specialty and, despite the strong wind, has been able to stop the clock in 13.68, close to his personal best and just a few hundredths away from the winner, the British Holly Mills, which starts the competition as a leader.

In addition, the Spanish athlete started a little nailed the race and was forced to overcome virtually all participants except the English, with which he could not.

Shortly after the turn came the height, where it has remained at 1.72 and has added 879 points. In the first test of the afternoon, the shot put, maybe he expected something more from her, which has stayed at 11.96.

The last test of the day for her was 200 meters, where she has shown her full potential, stopping the time at 23.76, making a personal mark and punching the table.

In this way, puts in first position in the general heptathlon with 3,565 points, in the absence of the three tests that will be played this Friday.

The two national representatives in the 110 meter hurdles have also performed wonderfully. Enrique Llopis he barely had to wear out to prevail in his series and pass, with 13.52, as the best of all the participants. And the third time has been established by another Spaniard, Ángel Díaz with 13.57. More has had to suffer Asier Martínez, that has been classified with the last time thanks to its 13.86.

David Martín, personal brand in hammer

They have also started on this first day of competition the hammer, a test that in the male category had three Spanish. Of them it has been especially bright David Martín, that has gone to 71.26, personal best and enough to be in the final.

The other two could not achieve it. Juan Díaz and Aitor Urkia They have been far from the brands that gave access to the final.

Yes it will be in the end of the male pole Alex Grace, who has served his 5.10.

The two Spaniards who have competed in the first 100-meter series have also qualified in the morning. So much Arnau Monne as Bernat Canet They have done their homework perfectly in the series but in the final only the first of them will be. Andrea Jimenez, still in the morning, if it has happened in the 400 female.

In the afternoon things kept going pretty well. Daniela García and Raquel Meaños spent a round in the women's 800, the same as Antonio López in the 1,500 men.

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