News : Jamie Collins: Is he using his second Patriots chance?

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Jamie Collins: Is he using his second Patriots chance?

Munich - It's never too late for a second chance. If you deserve it. And if you get them too. And then of course you should take them too.

Jamie Collins is busy.

The linebacker has apparently learned from his mistakes. And I want to do it better the second time. Because on his first time with the New England Patriots, it ended up being a bit ugly.

After nearly four successful years with 291 tackles and 10.5 sacks and the Super Bowl victory in 2014, Collins 2016 was traded in the middle of the season somewhat surprisingly to the Cleveland Browns.

Typical Belichick move

The Pats wanted to extend his contract, he wanted more money, so they let their achievers move.

Not only because it is one of the typical Bill Belichick plans, but also because Collins had many qualities, but tactical discipline was unfortunately not one of them.

He acted despite clear announcements by the head coach then ever on his own. He also had his new contract in mind.

A phenomenon that can be observed with many players on rookie contracts: If the big payday moves closer, they are getting weird. Lose the focus, the fun, the lightness. Only have the coal in view. There are aich those who strike the financial luck.

Coal, but no success

Collins was not like that, but he could cash in Cleveland, but had to starve to death for three years.

The perfect prey for Belichick, who was once again a real bargain after his time in Cleveland: Collins gets a base salary of 1.05 million dollars, 250,000 of which are guaranteed. The circle closes: Drafting, developing, trading, retrieving - this is how you come out on every phalse as a winner. There are finally reasons why the Pats have been shaping an NFL era for nearly 20 years.

Probably the most surprising purchase in the offseason could be the most important. And, for the Patriots, it's a low risk deal - and a lot of potential at the same time.

Lighter and faster

This proved Collins promptly in the preparation, where he surprised the coaches, according to "The Athletic" so far positively, they were "enthusiastic", they said. "Sports Illustrated" reports that he lost weight and impressed with his speed. At the voluntary OTAs he was on the spot, at the minicamp he got Reps with the First-Team-Defense. It runs.

What observers also say: He's made nearly $ 30 million over the past two years - so money is not likely to play that much this time, and there are up to $ 5 million in various performance-related bonuses.

A self-runner will not be the return to the starter. At the training camp he competes against Dont'a Hightower, Kyle Van Noy and Ja'Whaun Bentley. Still, being a serious candidate proves it's never too late for a second chance.

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