News : Jatta: Breakthrough! Gambia's ministry confirms its identity

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Jatta: Breakthrough! Gambia's ministry confirms its identity

On Friday, the deadline set by the district office Hamburg-Mitte Bakery Jatta ends. Already in the middle of the week lawyer Thomas Bliwier filed the demanded statement - and presented documents proving that Jatta did not forge his identity.

Three and a half weeks ago, the "Sport Bild" reported on the suspicion that Jatta is actually named Bakary Daffeh and not 21, but already 23 years old. This triggered a hunt on the Gambier, which not only to appeals of 1. FC Nuremberg, VfL Bochum and the Karlsruher SC against the rating of their HSV bankruptcies and a hearing before the DFB control committee, but also to whistles and cursing ( "Get up, you sow") led by KSC fans.

Lawyer presents Jatta's birth certificate

In addition to a passport validated by the German authorities and the Gambian Consulate General in Cologne, attorney Bliwier also submitted a copy of the original document from the 1998 Gambian birth register to the district office of Hamburg-Mitte with the data provided by Jatta his entry as a refugee to Germany in the summer of 2015 as well as before signing the HSV contract in June 2016: Bakery Jatta, June 6, 1998.

Gambia's Ministry confirms document

But that's not enough! Bliwier also verifies the accuracy of the data with the help of an affidavit by a clerical officer of the Gambia's Foreign Ministry. In it, he confirmed that Jatta's birth certificate was there in the original.

DFB is waiting for verdict of the district office

The district office of Hamburg-Mitte will now examine the documents filed by the Jatta site - and should raise no doubt about the authenticity, what is likely, the file Jatta is closed by the authority. This in turn would mean that the DFB sports court would declare the case as settled and the objections from Nuremberg, Bochum and Karlsruhe will be dismissed. (By Matthias Linnenbrügger)

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