News : Javi Guerra, from Madrid to heaven … passing through Doha and Tokyo

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Javi Guerra, from Madrid to heaven ... passing through Doha and Tokyo

The twentieth program of the second season of the Radio del Corredor is now available. In this edition of the podcast we chatted with the best Spanish marathon runner of the moment (with the permission of Hamid Ben Daoud and his spectacular mark in the Prague Marathon, obviously). Javi Guerra has gone through many ups and downs in his career, but he is currently a strong and confident athlete. Test them, their great brand in Madrid (the best of any Spanish in history). In addition, we know the story of 'Things Happen', the project that through Agua ONG has created a running school in a village in Kenya for children in a situation of exclusion.

Javi Guerra, the marathoner who never fails

Javi Guerra it never fails. No matter the weather conditions, or if the circuit is not the best to make a mark. The best Spanish marathon runner of the moment returned to give a lesson in the Rock'n Roll Madrid Marathon. Minimum for the Doha World Cup and for the Tokyo Games. And, above, before his people. Round day for an athlete who has overcome complicated phases in his career. In the Radio of the Corridor Javi tells us how he has become stronger mentally. How that strength has given him confidence and security.

'Things Happen', a wonderful running project in a school in Kenya

'Things Happen'. Things happen if there is a will. And if there are people like Kassia and like Vicente. They have been the embryo of a wonderful project in full growth. An initiative that takes us to Molo, a village in Kenya. And specifically to the school of Shakinah. There they study girls and boys at risk of exclusion and who live on the edge of misery. Things Happen, through Agua ONG, an organization that Vicente and his partner launched to bring water to several areas of Africa with shortages, has founded a Running School so that the little ones can grow and learn from the values of our sport. Vicente Enguita tells us all the details and how they have made the dream come true of the two coaches of the school, who participated in the Rock'n Roll Madrid Marathon.

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