News : Jens Lehmann: “Completely unsustainable!” Ex-national player sacked after racism scandal

News : Jens Lehmann: “Completely unsustainable!” Ex-national player sacked after racism scandal

To Jens Lehmanns Racist comment to Dennis Aogo, the consultancy contract of the ex-national goalkeeper was terminated. This is reported by the German press agency, citing Hertha investor Lars Windhorst.

Jens Lehmann is no longer a consultant at Hertha

Hertha investor Lars Windhorst immediately terminated the consultancy contract with the ex-national player after an irritating WhatsApp message from Jens Lehmann. “Jens Lehmann is no longer a consultant,” Windhorst spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter told the dpa news agency on Wednesday. This also ends Lehmann’s mandate on the Hertha supervisory board. The Windhorst Tennor Group had Lehmann a year ago as the successor to Jürgen Klinsmann on the supervisory board of Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA brought.

Jens Lehmann apologized to Dennis Aogo for racist comments

The former national goalkeeper Lehmann had previously apologized for a WhatsApp message from former professional Dennis Aogo. But that didn’t change the Hertha investor’s decision. “In a private message from my cell phone to Dennis Aogo, an impression was created for which I apologized in conversation with Dennis,” Lehmann wrote on Wednesday morning on Twitter. The 51-year-old added: “As a former national player, he is very knowledgeable and has a great presence and brings a quota to Sky.”

Dennis Aogo posted a racist remark in Insta-Story

Aogo had previously posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp history on his Instagram story. He had blacked out all the messages that, according to the screenshot, came from Jens Lehmann’s cell phone, except for one. The 34-year-old Aogo had the question outlined in red: “Is Dennis actually your black one?” The sentence was mistaken with a laughing smiley in front of the question mark.

Aogo, who works as an expert for the broadcaster Sky, wrote: “WOW are you serious? @Jenslehmannofficial The message was probably not meant for me !!!”

Jens Lehmann receives criticism on Twitter

A heated discussion broke out on Twitter. The hashtags #Lehmann and #Aogo landed at the top of the Twitter trends on Wednesday. Hertha BSC tweeted: “Werner #Gegenbauer on Personalie #Lehmann:” Such statements in no way correspond to the values ​​for which Hertha BSC stands and actively supports. We distance ourselves from any form of racism and welcome the move by TENNOR Holding. “

TV channels Sky and Sport1 no longer invite Lehmann

After his racist statement to Dennis Aogo, the pay-TV broadcaster Sky will forego the use of Jens Lehmann. “We often had Jens Lehmann as a guest on Sky in our program, are very disappointed with his behavior and are now planning not to invite him as a guest on our programs,” wrote Sky sports director Charly Classen on Wednesday. The former national soccer goalkeeper is no longer invited to Sport1 either. Lehmann had previously used the term “quota black” in a WhatsApp message to Aogo.

Aogo was most recently under contract with the second division Hannover 96 and has been working in the Sky expert team since September. “Dennis Aogo is a highly valued colleague and excellent expert and we are very happy to have him on our team,” continued the sports director. “We at Sky condemn all forms of racism and give racism no space or platform.”

Lehmann himself had already worked for several years as an expert at Sky and later at RTL, where he was the predecessor of Jürgen Klinmann. Most recently he had TV appearances as a guest on Sky, in Sport1’s “Doppelpass” and the week before on ARD.

Sky commentator considers racist sentiments “completely intolerable”

Sky presenter Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld analyzed the incident as follows: “I try calmly and objectively. ‘Quotenschwarzer’. Two readings: Either it expresses the attitude – completely intolerable. Or it was once again ‘misleading’. That means: linguistically so less talented that he should no longer get a public stage. #Lehmann “

Lehmann already often criticized

“I dare to say that Jens #Lehmann would not send this message to a person from whom he would not expect security or consent. And that is exactly the problem,” ponders one other user.

This user says: “After homophobia and corona nonsense now also racism. #Lehmann apparently plays bullshit bingo.” Lehmann has already been in the past several times with thoughtless remarks criticism devices.

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