News : Jesús Gómez, bronze medalist in the 1,500 of the Torun European Championship

News : Jesús Gómez, bronze medalist in the 1,500 of the Torun European Championship

Gómez poses with the flag of Spain in Torun / RFEA

Jesús Gómez from Burgos and Ignacio Fontes from Granada won the first Spanish medals at the Torun European Championship on Friday afternoon. Gómez has initially hung the bronze in the final of the 1,500 in a fast race and in which it has endured the pull of Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Marcin Lewandowski, gold and silver respectively. Fourth had been an Ignacio Fontes, who was stuck in the first half of the test and could not follow the arreón of the first three, which has left him without the option of fighting for a metal despite a spectacular final sprint in the straight that has been worth to him to take control of that worthy fourth position.

But all that has changed with the final disqualification of Jakob Ingebrigtsen. The Norwegian stepped on the outside in a corner after a collision with the Polish Rozmys and then it was the race until proclaiming himself the winner, but the organization announced that he was left out after applying rule TR17.3.2. Lewandowski was proclaimed champion, Gómez silver and Fontes, bronze.


We had a tremendous desire to finish in the ‘milqui’. We were aware that there were quite a few chances of a medal falling, but we were also clear that it would be a very tough final and that we would have to fight it a lot. And so it has been. Jesus, extraordinary and with that physical tip to follow the two great favorites, has won a prize for that effort and adds his second European metal after bronze two years ago, also indoors in Glasgow.

Gomez stopped the clock at 3:38:47. Jakob, who had even been able to afford the luxury at the end even to take his foot off the gas a little, has entered the finish line in 3:37:56 by 3:38:06 from local idol Lewandowski. Fontes recorded 3:39:66. The great joy of the day and the long-awaited first metals for the National Team.

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