News : Jesús Gomez: tell me how you did it (without getting ready)

News : Jesús Gomez: tell me how you did it (without getting ready)

Benjamín Álvarez, the coach of the new Spanish 1,000 meter record holder (2’15 ″ 99), reveals how Jesús broke this record 28 years later. “We did not prepare it for anything. I only gave him 72 hours of rest ”.

He gave her 72 hours of rest (active rest, as they say).

His coach: Benjamín Álvarez Furones, a 70-year-old man, a former military man who says of the Armed Forces things as they are and that he accepts that he is “a bit of a bastard” (it takes sincere people).

– I dedicate myself to whore the athletes – he adds later.

He also tells athletes:

– I don’t give importance to the chrono; what I attach importance to is work.

And all this why?

Jesús Gómez has just returned from Nerja where almost 28 years later he has broken the Spanish record of 1,000 meters: 2’15 ″ 99.

“Okay, very good,” the coach receives him back in Burgos. But today you are going to play the hare of Manuel de Prado, the junior at 1’53 ”800, okay?

It is their way of congratulating you.

– One, who wanted to make poetry of those 1,000 meters, and you receive me like this -I tell the coach.

– You are going to think that I am telling you Chinese tales but we are not preparing anything for that race.

“I could tell you more,” he adds. Since he came down from Sierra Nevada, Jesus may not have done a 1,000 below 2’35 ”.

– At your age, I understand that you are not going to dedicate to tell lies.

– To make great brands, I should make thousands in 2’20 ”and we haven’t done that, he insists.

And he replies:

– But it is that while training here, in Burgos, Jesus has managed to run some 1,000 under that time.

– No, it is that I have not looked or the partials of the Nerja race – he resolves later -: I saw the start, I saw how it moved and I saw that it was fine.

I know that today I will not make Benjamín Álvarez Furones smile that he does not want.

I also know that, by their side, the flattery does not weaken because there is little place to find them. It is not the first time that I speak with him.

I know that he is a man who in conversation does not separate his feet to the ground, which is many years.

– If Jesus qualifies for the Olympics – he warns at all times.

And adds:

– Because it won’t be easy: look at the competition in 1,500 with Fontes, with Kevin, with Katir …

– Until June 7, when the Spanish championship approaches to qualify for the Olympics, we will not start stepping on the foot.

– And later?

“If there are no incidents, I am convinced that Jesus would do very well in Tokyo,” he answers. But you have to qualify.

Say what in two weeks Jesus gets “like a shot”, and that explains it all:

– What need do we have to force before?

He also says that now Jesus is working hard at the top: about 130 km per week six days a week (Friday total rest) and that this was not the optimal preparation to beat a record almost 28 years old such as 1,000 meters.

– But we leave 72 hours of rest and how I was not overloaded with kilometers He is capable of doing things like that.

It is in weight Jesus (71 kg).

– At the Olympics he will reach a maximum of 69.5 or 70 kg.

But first he will pack his bags, take the car and, together with his group (Dani, Solange and Lidia), they will leave Burgos looking for the humidity at sea level.

– Because we also have no track in Burgos on those dates because it is a shame and they are going to fix it.

Benjamin is said to be “an excessively conservative man.”

He lived so long that he no longer needs to feed his ego. What does it matter if you think coldly because perhaps it is not so important: the oblivion that we will be.

Meanwhile, the military continues to wage war in Burgos where the school already has 244 children and the names and surnames of all the children are known.

He’s a guy who makes people think Benjamín Álvarez Furones.

He will always be the first coach I ever heard say, “I screw athletes.”

And it makes them run without a watch.

And if he tells them to go around 1’04 “, it goes to 1’04” (Jesús Gómez)

And if it is necessary to raise your voice, it is raised:

– What is that of looking at the chrono every 200 meters?

– No, gentlemen, no.

And, what’s more, if it is necessary to refute the mother of Jesús Gómez and the Castilian food when she tells him, “Look, sir, my son is very thin,” and the woman is right.

“But the macaroni without chorizo,” insists the coach.

And then he takes him and the other athletes, now that the time is starting to beat, to the Arlanzón river, which is 2 centimeters from the track.

And there is no fool who does not dare to put his legs in the (always) frozen water.

But the future begins every day.

And in that future I want to know if the coach sees the athlete to go down from 3’30 ”in 1,500.

“We have never worked to do it,” he answers. But if he talks to me about going below 3’32 ”, yes. Without a doubt.

There is a trip.

But in the meantime, we accept the deal.

We are preparing to dream this summer of a Spanish Olympic medalist in 1,500.

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