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Joaquín Carmona: I hope I am in a town without Wi-Fi

As I was once told, "Let's hope I'm in some town with no wi-fi." In this regard, I would add that it is not easy to write about a mystery either, because, in fact, Joaquín Carmona is a mystery. A man that you could shake hands with any day or that you may not have seen in your life. No one knows him. There is no way to solve that equation. Not a single one of his 16,000 followers on Twitter who has revealed the question of who this man is. Not even Gerardo Cebrián, who has lived continuously from athletics since 1982. "I think it's a pseudonym," he explains, "but I don't know either. None of us who are habitually online related to this sport know for sure who it is. ”

The mystery is infinite. But the reality is that Joaquín Carmona has entered our lives thanks to his selfless vocation to serve athletics. We always value it. But we didn't know we could miss him so much. We have become more aware than ever since March 15. Since then, man, who treats data more elegantly than anyone on Twitter and that it reaches where the rest of us do not go, it has not reappeared. Gerardo Cebrián has already lost count of the direct messages he has sent to ask how he is. He has never received an answer, “and that is not normal because he always answers. In fact, in television broadcasts when I am wrong, it is he who sends me a message to tell me that this is not the case and, as he offers me full confidence, I quickly correct it. So I am alarmed: I fear the worst is over. ”

If Joaquín Carmona was not different from everything today we would not be writing about him. We would not be desperately asking him where he is or asking him to show signs of life. But each one has what they deserve. Joaquín Carmona is a character who he does not make the slightest publicity of himself. A total unknown as Miguel del Pozo explains that, from his condition as an amateur athlete, he is very active in the network. “I don't even know if his name is Joaquín Carmona. It is even hard for me to imagine that the profile picture, in which he appears with those hairs, is his. ”

The reality is that this photo puts more meat on the grill: it strengthens the enigma Joaquín Carmona, his silence, his role on Twitter, his name and surname. Joaquín is that man who tells you about Moses Kiptaniu the same as Peter Giles. Joaquín is a registered trademark that transports you from yesterday to today in one night and that causes a coach of Antonio Serrano's reputation to enter Twitter expressly to search for him. "I've always been in love with statistics, with athletic numbers," he explains. "I love knowing who participates, what results have been in Johannesburg or Los Angeles, And that Joaquín Carmona transmits it to you better and before anyone else. It has that plus that we do not have the others, and it is what makes it different, what causes us all to ask ourselves now: dónde where is it? What has become of him? ’Algo has something happened? '”

"I also wonder," adds Gerardo Cebrián. “In the first place, because, even without knowing who he is, I have grown fond of him. Perhaps because the people who do it so well earn that right without intending it. And, secondly, selfishly, because his wisdom, for me, has become essential. I always say that in almost all Twitter accounts, including mine, forever we commit some error for whatever reason, and just because we give the wrong opinion. However, Joaquín is infallible. He is never wrong. He does not think. You are not in trouble. It only gives data, forceful data, which are what make the difference ”.

Today, uncertainty makes us even more sensitive. It makes us even impatient and you see that it is difficult to win people over just by data. But that's the title of Joaquín Carmona's League: a guy who shows that we also fell in love with the data. "Because, in the end, he is that: data, curiosities, ephemeris perfectly explained and presented," claims Miguel del Pozo. “In your account you find no training plans or reflections. And all that reinforces the enigma of a man who you don't know if he will be a statistician ”. Miguel has asked himself a thousand times who he is, but today that is an impossible question. "Of course, if you're reading me, I wish you well and ask you to come back soon."

Twitter has also met several times to ask him OR, maybe for something plus important, for ask him how this. But then there is not a single individual in this country who knows or knows if he ever had coffee with him. "More than 16,000 followers and no one knows him personally", summarized Manuel Fedriani in a unique radiography of what is happening. "We are talking about a reference. For me it is a benchmark ”, adds Gerardo Cebrián. "We are talking about a man we have never read to screw up and that is very difficult in the world of social networks."

Joaquín Carmona's legacy is, today, 29.5 thousand tweets that demonstrate the importance of athletics anywhere on the planet. “He is one of those few people who, even without knowing them personally, can say,‘ this guy is a phenomenon, '”adds Antonio Serrano, who hopes that, when the athletics competitions return, he can get back into Carmona's account. "When I want to know if a test is broadcast on television, I go directly to it and it never fails me."

Actually, we could continue to insist. We would always get to the same place. We could never speak of a face to face. But we would verify that all opinions about Joaquín Carmona land at the same address. We would all agree with what Jesús Lagos wrote about him. "A way of Act Elegant, always corrections by private. Forced to follow him if you like athletics. " We also enlisted Lupe Rangel. "It misses him". And we are afraid that Ángel David Rodríguez may be right in those three words that he wrote when thinking about him. "Bad looking, unfortunately."

We don't want him to be right and we remember that hope always reappears on the last straight. We do not know what happens and we are interested in what happens. They are the things of uncertainty. Since July 2010, when Joaquín Carmona joined Twitter, time has passed. We have lived very good times. He has transmitted very good values ​​to us and that is why Miguel del Pozo refuses to believe that this is over. "I wish him the best and that he has had no problem." Gerardo Cebrián does not give up either. "I look forward to coming back soon."

Be that as it may, my way of thanking him is this that I have written for him, all this that I have asked for him and that has shown me that unanimity exists. It may have been a very repetitive argument throughout this text, but it is what it is. No us we invented nothing. We do not glorify anything that has not happened. That is why, as someone wrote on Twitter (Antonio Luque, exactly), "Let's hope it is in a town without Wi-Fi", and he is right. In the end, hope is one of the virtues that make us most excited. In hope everything begins. Nothing ends in it.

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