News : Jogi Löw: After the world title, the national coach was close to “depressed mood”

News : Jogi Löw: After the world title, the national coach was close to “depressed mood”

National coach gives deep insights: Löw unusually open: After the World Cup title, I was close to “depressed mood”

Joachim Löw provides deep insights. The national coach reveals that he was close to a “depressive mood” after the German World Cup title in 2014. Jogi Löw last felt real joy at the beginning of his career, even in private he sometimes wears a “tank”.

National coach Joachim Löw spoke for the first time about the burden and the emptiness that he experienced in his 15-year tenure.

According to Löw, it was terrible to tell veteran players that they are no longer part of the team, he told the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. “Of course that touches me, very much. Sometimes I lie awake at night. I’m human too!”

Jogi Löw felt loneliness after winning the 2014 World Cup

When asked why he couldn’t really enjoy the world title in Brazil, Löw replied: “After the tournament, I wasn’t far from a depressive mood. After every tournament there is a void.”

The 61-year-old retired after winning the World Cup and rented a house in Sardinia. “I sat there and thought: Now I’m so alone here, where are my people, where is my team, where are my players, where are the goals?”

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Already during the 2014 World Cup, at the time of the great euphoria after the 7-1 win against hosts Brazil, Löw felt this loneliness: “It was perhaps the best game of my career, but it was too much for me as a coach!”

Löw: Public life sometimes “heavy burden”

This “wave pool of emotions” made him “more closed”, concludes Löw: “That is the price of this life as a national coach. Of course I bought something like a tank. Especially when I became really aware that I was a person to be public life. “

On some days it is “a heavy burden, I long for anonymity. Unfortunately, I am not always able to simply take this tank off in my private life”.

Today Löw regrets not having any children

For the first time, Löw also speaks about dealing with the issue of homosexuality in football. There is openness in society, says Löw, but less so in football: “Although a lot has happened, it may still be a little missing in the stadium.” When asked whether he would still confess if he were homosexual himself, he replies: “Then I would stand by it too.”

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In an interview with Die Zeit, the Freiburg resident expressed regret about not having children. “At the age of 25, 30 or 35 I didn’t see it that way. Maybe I couldn’t imagine it, I pushed the topic aside or pushed it away,” says Löw. “But for the last ten years I’ve been thinking about it or what it would have been like to have children.”

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