News : Johaug, the Olympic skier and new Norwegian champion of 10,000 without nails

News :

Johaug, the Olympic skier and new Norwegian champion of 10,000 without nails

The snow-asphalt transition is not something especially common. Yes it is true that many mountain runners take advantage of the cold seasons where the slopes are covered with snow to go to alpine skiing and many like Kilian Jornet have managed to perform almost as well in this discipline as running impossible ridges. It is part of the planning of the season and helps them stay in shape without having to “forget” for a few months their beloved mountain.

But The case of the Norwegian skier Therese Johaug is special. Johaug, who has in his record until three olympic medals (Gold in relays in Vancouver and bronze in 10km individual and silver in 30km in Sochi 2014), it has gone to athletics and this weekend was proclaimed national champion of his country in the 10,000 meters.

Only surpassed by four compatriots

A true feat because, in addition, he did it with a spectacular mark of 32:20:87. It was his first competition, which he won with authority after a somewhat hesitant start. Everything, almost no training and no nail slippers. It is the case that only four Norwegian athletes in history have surpassed that record. But perhaps the most ‘curious’ of all is his running style. It seems that Johaug is skiing on the tartan with a movement as typical of skiers as if they were driven with sticks.

The shadow of doping

It should be noted that on Johaug he plans the long shadow of doping. TO Johaug he was found clostebol (an anabolic steroid) after performing an out-of-competition analysis in 2017 while training in Italy with the national team, Norway.

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