News : Jörg Stübner: ex-DDR international Dynamo Dresden dies at 53 years

News :

Jörg Stübner: ex-DDR international Dynamo Dresden dies at 53 years

  • Jörg Stübner played 249 competitive matches for Dynamo Dresden
  • 1991 Jörg Stübner 1991 he was part of the team that managed to qualify for the Bundesliga
  • Ralf Minge on Jörg Stübner: "Reminder to us all"

Stübner made in his career 47 caps for the GDR and celebrated several titles with Dynamo Dresden. With the club, the former midfielder won before the reunion championship and cup victory.

We have had so many successful years together at Dynamo, Stübs has always been one of the best and we had the hope that he would fight back to life after the difficult last years, have tried to help him, "said former professional Ulf Kirsten to" Bild "about the loss of his former companion. On Twitter Kirsten posts a joint photo and says goodbye to his "longtime friend".

Jörg Stübner withdrawn from public

His teammates included the later Bundesliga stars Ulf Kirsten and Matthias Sammer. In contrast to them, however, he did not make the leap into the Bundesliga. Stübner could not build on his successful time as a DDR football professional. After his active professional career Stübner disappeared from the limelight and withdrew more and more from public life.

In the last season he was several times to visit the Dynamo home games. According to "Bild" newspaper Stübner should, however, in the future to work in the junior high school Dynamo. He was considered a great talent of the GDR football. His last international match for the GDR, he denied almost 25 years ago. At that time, the GDR won 2-0 against Belgium in Anderlecht.

Dynamos President Holger Scholze: "Big Pain"

"The news of Jörg Stübner's death deeply shook us all, our club mourns one of its legends, a gifted footballer, but most of all we mourn the loss of a man who has fought a long personal battle and has gone much too early The entire sports community feels a great deal of pain, "said Dynamo President Holger Scholze.

"Our sympathy goes out especially to the family members of Jörg Stübner I would like to express our heartfelt condolences and wish you all the strength in the name of all black and yellow., Stübs lives on in our hearts! He will be in the memory of the SG Dynamo Dresden always have a permanent place, "Scholze continued in an official statement.

Sporting Director Ralf Minge: "Reminder to all"

"The loss of 'Stübs' makes me deeply sad," said Dynamo sports director Ralf Minge, who played with Stübner from 1983 to 1991. "We all know about Jörg Stübner's outstanding status as an active player, and we know about the history of the human being behind the footballer." Stübs' did not have to fight his hardest fight on the football field and for many years he wanted a life without a media public sphere His fate is therefore also a reminder to all of us that Stübs left us so early, hurts a lot, I bow to his life's achievement and am in my thoughts with his mother and his closest relatives . "

Jörg Stübner played 249 competitive matches for Dynamo Dresden. The defensive man marked 24 goals, made 35 goals and came in his entire career without a referee. In April 1989 Stübner was in the two UEFA Cup semi-finals against VfB Stuttgart on the court, as well as the debacle in Uerdingen and the game crash against Belgrade. The man, who held the status of a pop star in football in Dresden in the 80s, celebrated with Dynamo two championships and three FDGB Cup victories, in the finals in 1985 and 1990 he entered the scoresheet.

In 1990 Stübner won the league and cup double and in 1991 he was part of the team that qualified for the Bundesliga. His last game for the black and yellow made Stübner in the Bundesliga on 2 November 1991 in the Gelsenkirchen Park Stadium.

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