News : Jornet abandons his expedition to Everest because of the weather and the sensations

News : Jornet abandons his expedition to Everest because of the weather and the sensations

Jornet, in an image of these days on Everest / Instagram

The dream is over. At least for now. Kilian Jornet has announced that he is abandoning his intention to ascend Everest after more than a month in which he was acclimatizing, waiting for the arrival of favorable weather. As he himself explained on Twitter, both he and his partner in this adventure David Goettler did not feel strong or with a good feeling to undertake the summit once they found themselves on the southern pass, at almost 8,000 meters of altitude.

Both Goettler and Jornet have given the details on social networks. “We could blame the wind, bad weather or bad mountain conditions, but it has been our bodies and how we have felt; it is equally important to listen to your body, it is one more piece of this difficult puzzle. When the safety margins are so narrow if a piece does not fit you will not complete the puzzle “Goettler wrote.

Ups and downs and retreat

For his part, Jornet has argued that “nur expedition came to an end. After a few first weeks with great acclimatization, the second half of May had been very difficult due to the conditions, with strong winds and two cyclones that brought a lot of precipitation and unstable weather, so we returned without being able to summit. It has been a long month in these amazing mountains, with the typical ups and downs of expeditions, the great “races” up there and the stressful moments looking at the forecasts, but learning a lot and embracing every moment of the trip ”, explained the Catalan.

His objective was to ascend Everest by its most difficult path, the west ridge and the Hornbein corridor, and then chain the Lhotse crossing (8,516 m).

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