News : Jornet competes by surprise and wins in the mythical Sierre Zinal of the Alps

News : Jornet competes by surprise and wins in the mythical Sierre Zinal of the Alps

Jornet, with his podium mates in the Sierre-Zinal

He had warned in the morning on his social networks that he had a ‘surprise’ prepared for the afternoon. It could be from a raffle, to a challenge in the Norwegian fjords where he resides, to an announcement of participation in that road race that warned a year ago that he wanted to prepare thoroughly (and this is what he is doing according to the last trainings on the track that he has let us see).

Well finally what you’ve done is compete by surprise in one of the most legendary mountain races on the international calendar, the Sierre-Zinal, which takes place in the Swiss Alps. After racing again the other day at the ‘Moonvalley Run Festival’, a test that, according to he himself relates in his social networks, consists of joining the 17 lakes that provide water to Mandalen, a beautiful valley in Norway.

Solid first

Jornet has prevailed in a test in which some 25 athletes have participated in the men’s category and 15 in the women’s category (only the elite edition has been contested, obviously, and reduced by the coronavirus pandemic). The circuit consisted of 33km and 2,200 positive meters of unevenness. The race started at 3:45 p.m. with the first wave of the girls. All participants wore a mask until the starting gun. Maude Mathys, the event’s record holder, won with a time of 2h48’48 ”.

Jornet broke the test record last year and this time he has not reached this mark, but Yes, it has been imposed on young people who are already a reality like Rémy Bonnet or Davide Magnini. The Catalan stopped the clock at 2h33’15 ‘; Bonnet arrived 1’02 ”later and Magnini, 2’50”.

Jornet later explained on Twitter that he had to undergo an anti-doping urine control the night before and that when he was told he had just peed … so the talk with the emissary was long …

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