News : Jornet recovers in hospital after withdrawing from Phantasm 24 challenge

News : Jornet recovers in hospital after withdrawing from Phantasm 24 challenge

Jornet had to drop out of the Phantasm 24 challenge

The mountain runner Kilian Jornet faced a major challenge away from the mountains (well, that’s a saying, since the track he was running on was surrounded by snow and peaks). After several months exercising and preparing with training on the flat and on the track, the Catalan tried to attack the 24-hour world record held by Greek Yiannis Kouros, which traveled 303,506 kilometers in that period of time in 1997.

Kilian had traveled 134.8 kilometers in approximately 10h40 ′ when in a Salomon streaming image we saw how he had to stop before reaching the finish line. After seeing how he received the assistance of the medical services for long minutes, the organization announced through the broadcast that the Catalan had chosen to retire and that the information would be updated.


In some first hypotheses there was talk of problems in the fascia or the knee. Also an indisposition. A couple of hours later Salomon clarified through his Twitter account that he had suffered quite sudden dizziness and that after receiving medical attention he had felt somewhat better, but that the doctors had decided that it was better to do more tests in the hospital. In this way, Jornet is recovering and resting in a hospital while they do some checkups. Apparently he also suffered from some discomfort in his knee, which already forced him to stop a few days after his road debut in the 10k Hytteplanmila.

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