News : Joshua Cheptegei shatters the 10K World Record

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Joshua Cheptegei shatters the 10K World Record

Long live Joshua Cheptegei. Hallelujah! After all, he is 23 years old and can die and be resurrected many times. He did it at least once in that World Cross Championship held in his country where he was the absolute protagonist. He died and rose again. In a way, their performance reminded those young people when they drive a car wildly, that they believe they are eternal, that they believe that nothing will ever happen to them, and that they should not worry about anything, because the evils and the ailments are always those things that happen to the elderly. Until it happens. And it happens unfortunately.That day Joshua Cheptegei believed himself eternal, yes. He believed himself eternal because he had a country at his feet.

Today the Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei has broken the 10K world record in Valencia, a race that is held in parallel to the Trinidad Alfonso-EDP Valencia Marathon, with an informal time of 26:38 minutes.

The African runner, who is the current champion of the cross country world and the 10,000 meters on the track, made a spectacular race in which The global record mark that Kenardon Leonard Patrick Komon had had since 2010 with 26:44 minutes marked in the 10K of Utrech.

Cheptegei, who arrived in Valencia with the aim of achieving the world record for distance, met with suitable weather conditions for it and even in the first kilometer he stood ahead of his “hares” to indicate that he wanted them to impose a rhythm higher .

Halfway through, with a time of 13:22, the current Diamond League champion in 5,000 meters had already been just two seconds above the world record and took command of the race.

With a very loose pace and consulting the chrono of his wrist, Cheptegei reached the last 1,000 meters knowing that he was going to get his challenge and even escaped some small gesture of celebration before breaking the finish tape down in six seconds the previous world record.

Cheptegei wanted to thank once in goal the work done by his team and his coaches "the good work we have done", and confessed that he had affected his last training in Valencia due to a constipated.

"You have to learn from the falls, and try to get up again because, - what milk! - It is always nice to have in mind a dream to look to try to get it" Cheptegei told us in an exclusive interview after what happened in Kampala.

Cheptegei is one of those rare premature talents who are called to something as great as replacing Mo Farah on the track. His running is easy as drinking a glass of water, and his mentality, that of a winner, that of someone who is always in constant struggle with himself to learn. And get better.

“Revealing the way I train is like showing a naked picture of my body, or almost. It's something very intimate ”

The young African, the emerald of the Ugandan athletics, everything that has extrovert and affable has it Introverted and reserved to talk about your training methods: “Sorry I didn't answer this question. Do not take it bad. For me to reveal the way I train is like showing a naked picture of my body, or almost. It's something very intimate, something I don't like to talk about… I understand that there are athletes who do share their training, ”he says. “And that they publish it, even. I respect him, but I'm not like that. Why? I think that, until I have crossed all the goals that I have in my head, the way I train, it will be a secret… it is a kind of internal struggle with myself. ” Even so, this previous week we were able to know the result of your 1000 series before Valencia.

"I firmly believe in a healthy and fair sport"

Unbelievers in this sport, it is normal that there are. But Joshua is categorical about it, and he gets wet even above his hairy head: “It's very difficult to make those marks, yes. But they can be achieved totally clean. I firmly believe in a healthy and fair sport. ”

Thanks to his clairvoyance, and to that maturity that he demonstrates at such a young age, he is now in The highest of this sport.

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