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Jumping - A jolt - and everything is fine again - sports

Christian Ahlmann and Daniel Deußer return to the German team at the Nations Cup in Aachen.

By Gabriele Pochhammer, Aachen

He is very happy, says Christian Ahlmann. On his first Nations Cup with the German team for three years and then in Aachen before his own audience, on Thursday evening. It is currently running well for the 44-year-olds. Within a few days, his daughter Ella was born, he won the Global Champions Tour in Paris, he gave a jolt and signed the athlete agreement with the German Equestrian Federation (FN). "I do not know if this is all connected," says Ahlmann, "but it may be that you open up freer when many things are regulated and out of the head."

Long discussions were needed before Ahlmann and Daniel Deußer returned to the team of national coach Otto Becker. Deußer signed the agreement in the spring, Ahlmann only now. Old disputes over doping or prohibited medication had torn open a gap between the athletes and their association, which did not succeed in scooping up for a long time. "That it all happened so fast after such a long time was really surprising," says Ahlmann. The FN came to meet the riders, set fines for sloppy managed stable books, in which not as prescribed any medication is listed, for the first time out and leaves it at admonitions. In addition, the FN has announced a round table for the fall, in which the assets are to speak. "I do not know anything about that," says Ahlmann, "but I enjoy participating." Other things the riders wanted to change remain as they are, such as not going to court and recognizing the sports court. "There are no extra contracts for the two," emphasizes Becker.

The steering may also have something to do with the fact that both again have first-class horses

What made Ahlmann decide is not something that can be put into written rules anyway. It's about emotions and sensitivities. "Suddenly the tide has turned," he says. He has again the feeling that the association is fully behind him and not only punctually. First and foremost, Breido Graf zu Rantzau, president of the association, tried to get the two back with "a lot of passion". He describes it today as the biggest mistake of his term that the German Equestrian Federation at the International Sports Court Cas has obtained after the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Games in Hong Kong a more stringent penalty for doping against Ahlmann. The World Equestrian Federation had only pleaded for the less-severe "prohibited medication"; It was about the thermal ointment capsaicin found in a total of five Olympic horses. At the games in Rio 2016 Deußer and Ahlmann belonged to the bronze team. Only from 2017 they refused the signature and were therefore no longer in the squad. It may also have something to do with the fact that, unlike two years ago, both of them again have first-class horses.

National coach Otto Becker, who took Deußer and Ahlmann like his father's lost sons, is grateful for every class rider with whom he can plan; There are not so many good at the moment. That both were called immediately into the team for Aachen, was therefore no surprise. Becker is optimistic when the German riders on the flood-dipped Soers try to win the fourth Aachen Nations Cup one after the other; It would be the first this season.

His four team riders jumped on Wednesday in a small test warm, all remained without discards. Daniel Deußer on the twelve-year-old Calisto Blue also stayed in time. His best horse Tobago he rode in the price of Europe; he hopes for a start on Sunday in the Grand Prix of Aachen, a station of the Grand Slam. Ahlmann prepared with the gray stallion Clintrexo in a quiet round with only two time errors. With the winner of Paris, Take a Chance, he has another young talent: "He has developed well, and the way is not over," says Ahlmann. Simone Blum and Alice are in good shape again before the Nations Cup, after a winter full of complications, in which the newly married World Champion had to rest for a longer time due to a shoulder operation. Good for Alice, who presented herself in Aachen as before on the first spring tournaments fresh and happy.

Marcus Ehning, the pillar of the German team in the championships of the past two years, meanwhile has to resort to a horse that was previously in the second row - the 14-year-old Funky Fred, with whose father For Pleasure Ehning was once team Olympic champion and European champion , His World Championship horse Pret A Tout is injured, Cornado and Comme il faut are otherwise busy, among others, as breeding stallions in the deck.

No matter how the Nations Cup ends, it is a special day for Christian Ahlmann. "Actually, it's a normal team competition, where there are no points for the Nations Cup series, he says:" But it will be a great atmosphere at a sold-out house. That's as if Schalke plays against Dortmund, which is also more important than the German championship. "

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