News : “Katir traces the training sessions to the Ingebrigtsen”

News : “Katir traces the training sessions to the Ingebrigtsen”

Mohamed Katir made history in Monaco / Reuters

He says so himself. And the truth is that it is the thought that many of us have after witnessing in amazement the irruption of one of the proper names at the international level of this 2021. The evolution of Mohamed Katir (23 years old) is something as incredible as it is almost inexplicable. It was planted before this season with personal marks of 3.36.59 at 1,500 and 13.50.19 at 5,000. Very good records, but nothing to write home about, especially when it comes to world first swords.

But the Muleño has thrown all our plans out of the picture. Virtually everything he has run in 2021 has been at a heavenly level and has improved dramatically in each race. It soon reached the minimum at 1,500. 3.33.62 in Nerja on May 12. He lowered his personal best by three seconds with a bang. Then came the Gateshead thing. In a dog day he starred in a spectacular race and finished 5,000 in 13:08:52. The test was carried out against established athletes such as Isaac Kimeli, Kibet, Gressier or Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

History in Florence

The great fireworks fell in Florence. In another dream race, he dropped the Gateshead mark in 18 seconds and achieved the Spanish Record of Bezabeh 11 years later. 12:50:79. And the last, that of Monaco, where he ended up leaving behind a certain Jakob Ingebrigtsen and was about to hunt down Cheruiyot. 3:28:76, this time knocking down a more mythical record like Cacho’s.

Safety and tremendous workouts

In an interview with ‘El País’ after achieving the Record of 1,500, Katir has left several headlines: “I don’t know how to explain the feelings I have when having the two records. It is a pride, yes. I came out of nowhere. I can’t explain it, ”he says. Of course I thought about moving on to Cheruiyot, the Kenyan world champion, who will not be in Tokyo. But he has much more experience and has known how to run better. In a year, that will happen ”, he adds confidently.

“He traces the very hard training sessions of Ingebrigtsen,” says Miguel Mostaza, his manager. The Ingebrigtsen ‘method’ led by ‘papa’ Gjert and followed by the three brothers. For now, Jakob already saw that Katir is not a ‘bluff’. It was his shadow for most of the race in Monaco and ended up hitting him with the ax.

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