News : Kenenisa Bekele: the last photograph is yet to come

News : Kenenisa Bekele: the last photograph is yet to come


I can’t help it. I will never be impartial to an athlete who is reluctant to say goodbye and agree with those who say their time is over. Now that the Berlin marathon is coming, I still believe in a great athlete.

Two years ago a journalist asked Bekele a question that is the law of life.

“I don’t know when it will end,” he replied.

TO the 40? – the journalist insisted.

“It’s 40 tomorrow,” Kenenisa Bekele replied as if to say no, what do you say, don’t go so fast, this still belongs to me.

But tomorrow is coming as if there is no tomorrow.

On June 13, Bekele fulfilled 39 years.

And you remember then that you already saw him win at the 2004 Athens Olympics in that final of 10,000 in which Gebresselassie, fifth classified, began to end.

And you also remember that in the first decade of this century Bekele was God: there was no way in front of him.

His ambition was like a photo camera that stepped on everybody the land and went all over the world.

And you regret: you regret how the time has passed, damn it.

But is that time always does its job.

And the injuries chose as one from their prisoners Kenenisa Bekele favorites.

And nothing is as it was, of course.

Now there are more gray days and far fewer opportunities.

And this summer we understood that Bekele will never be an Olympic marathon champion anymore.

And we would have liked.

But if it is normal.

Or don’t you remember from the JJOO from Beijing 2008 when Bekele won gold in 10,000 and 5,000 and Kipchoge couldn’t do anything?

I do remember and since then I will never be impartial to his memory.

He may not need me to admire him but I prefer it that way.

I am one of your court of admirers who will be attentive Sunday, September 26, and that he hopes that luck changes sides.

Bekele will run the Berlin marathon.

Two years ago he stayed in this same scenario 2 seconds behind the world record (2h01m41sec).

Bekele is now on injury time but his resume is security expert.

Bekele refuses to give himself up for more heirs that emerge behind his back or even though his date of birth seems out of date for this time.

In the last season of his career, he is still able to hold ambition with one hand.

In the meantime, my duty is to explain that we cannot be impartial with him, that we all remember the first time we saw him run and that we never imagine that almost 20 years later. we would continue to write about him: Kenenisa Bekele.

It is still too early to make a wedding list with the memories or to close the photo album, because the last photograph is yet to come and who knows how far that photograph will go.

Among the enigmatic types, Bekele belongs to the class plus high of the army.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain that long.

We do not know the color of his teeth because Bekele never gave a smile to anyone.

Not even on the top of the podium.

Everything was very professional, too perfect.

He ruled in his time in an almost exaggerated way.

He accepted the relief of an athlete that until then seemed impossible to us like Gebresselassie.

But all that Bekele accepted with an infinite seriousness that today is part of his prestige.

Social media was late for grasp it everything.

But that is the value of Kenenisa Bekele that so many years later still remains as if, instead of an athlete, she was a singer.

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