News : Kenenisa will race with the Vaporfly, part with a disadvantage

News : Kenenisa will race with the Vaporfly, part with a disadvantage

Kipchoge, training in the London bubble / London Marathon

While Kipchoge presented just a couple of days ago the Nike “Alpha fly N% Kenya” with which he will run the London Marathon next Sunday (an exclusive design that includes various details such as the colors of the country’s flag, the figures of his INEOS Challenge in which he lost two hours in the marathon and his initials), Kenenisa Bekele has confirmed in the press conference prior to the appointment in the English capital that she will not wear the Nike AlphaFly for the test. Kenenisa has commented that she has not adapted to the new model of the American brand and that she will continue with her ‘progenitor’, the Nike Vaporfly with which he already stayed last year in Berlin just two seconds from the world record. Something that, a priori, is a disadvantage for the double Olympic champion of 10,000 and 5,000.

Jokes and a very fast hare

Apparently the Ethiopian, who has been training (as almost always) alone all these months in Addis Ababa, the capital of his country and in which he has several sports complexes and properties, needs more time to be able to adjust to this latest model of the brand that dresses him and that has revolutionized the world of athletics. In this previous press conference both athletes left very interesting headlines and even showed that they have very good vibes. “The hare will go very fast, but it’s normal, you know. I have never seen the hare slow down or slow down, especially in London and especially when Kipchoge has been there ”, Kenenisa commented, laughing with complicity with Eliud.

“As an athlete I have great respect for Eliud. I believe that we are examples for the new generations and we have to act as such. What Kipchoge did is something wonderful for sport. We are still competing between the two, we are part of the same team ”, Bekele assured. For his part, Eliud commented that “I respect everything he has done, his successes.” The Kenyan has said that the basis of his achievements is “training, resting and training again.” “The important thing is discipline and respect for this sport. I think we motivate each other, sometimes he wins, sometimes me. My idea is to hold on until I can, stay in shape and make this as long as possibleBekele added.

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