News : Kevin and Jesus save the screen of a fierce 1,500 in Doha

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Kevin and Jesus save the screen of a fierce 1,500 in Doha

Kevin López agreed as sixth of his series to the final / RFEA
Kevin López agreed as sixth of his series to the final / RFEA

Sevillian Kevin López and Burgos Jesús Gómez qualified for the Doha World Cup semi-finals, while Adel Mechaal, fourth in the London 2017 final, was out in the first round.

Mechaal disappointment

Mechaal returned to World Cups two years after staying at the gates of the medal. The disciple of Antonio Serrano came out in the first series with the aim of finishing in the first six, which gave the automatic classification for the semifinals, or having a good time that could put him through the playoff (6 more places).

The package arrived in full to the last meters and everyone sprinted. Mechaal was well placed at the ring of the bell, but many got ahead. He could only be eighth, with 3: 37.95. He beat the European champion, the Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsen, with 3: 37.67 and he was awaiting a play that did not work.

Kevin's Grand Final

Then, Kevin López, who had participated in four World Cups, always in 800 without having been able to overcome the first round, it premiered at 1,500 qualifying for positions.

His mark this year (3: 34.83, the seventh of 15) gave him solid hopes of being able to advance in the second race, given his powerful final.

The Sevillian ran inside and was ninth to enter the last turn, at which point he was about to go to the ground in a stumble ahead. He just left his confinement on the straight to get sixth with 3: 37.62 without spending more than necessary.

Second best mark of his career for Jesus

Jesús Gómez, with discomfort in an abductor, debuted in a World Cup. His mark of the season (3: 36.40) was the eleventh of fifteen, so his options were not many, even being a bronze medalist in the Europeans in the Glasgow hall in March.

Gomez went back the first few laps and had to open to 3rd Street to advance, 800 to the end, and hook the front train. He passed sixth with the bell but gave a couple of meters before the last corner and when he wanted to recover the missing meters. He finished eighth with 3: 36.72, but his time put him in the penultimate round by repechage.

Goodbye Marta Pérez and Esther Guerrero

Hard semifinals for Marta Pérez and Esther Guerrero in two tremendously different races of a 1,500 with a high ribbon and with the presence of athletes of the stature of Sifan Hassan or the Scottish Laura Muir. Slow, very slow has been the first semifinal in which Guerrero has taken part and in which Hassan, the great favorite to gold, has waited until the end to hit the 'ax' and enough with a very discrete 4.14.69 to take the career.

Guerrero has been eighth with 4.16.66; radically different has been the second. Very fast and very worn race in which Marta Pérez has been off the hook and has not been able to regain the title at any time. He has entered eleventh with 4.10.45.

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