News : KFC Uerdingen received aid money wrongly – there is a risk of loss of tax money

News : KFC Uerdingen received aid money wrongly – there is a risk of loss of tax money

KFC Uerdingen: Football club creams off Corona aid – now there is a risk of losing millions in taxpayers’ money

The KFC Uerdingen and its Russian investor Mikhail Ponomarew are again making negative headlines. The third division soccer team from Krefeld is said to have wrongly received impressive corona aid of almost one million euros. Now the loss of tax money threatens.

A total of 767,770.40 euros in Corona aid were transferred by the state to the third division soccer club KFC Uerdingen, reports “Spiegel”, citing a restructuring plan by the Düsseldorf insolvency administrator Claus-Peter Kruth.

But the club apparently wrongly asked for the money. The Cologne Federal Administration Office demanded the entire amount back, the authority is listed in the list of creditors as “other liability”.

KFC Uerdingen: restructuring plan decides the fate of the club

A repayment of the taxpayers money seems impossible, because the shoulders of the Lower Rhine football club would currently weigh a whopping 9.9 million euros in liabilities. Those responsible should have been aware of the general insolvency of KFC Uerdingen 05 Fußball GmbH before March 2020 – the application for aid should therefore not have taken place.

“The liquidity was already insufficient before the outbreak of the pandemic,” explained Kruth. However, the application for the opening of insolvency proceedings was only made on January 21, 2021. The management of the association did not respond to “Spiegel” request. “I may and will not comment on internal proceedings,” added the insolvency administrator.

On Thursday (May 6th) all creditors were invited to an appointment at the Krefeld district court. There Kruth will present his restructuring plan, for the implementation of which he needs a majority approval. In the event of a rejection, not only a forced relegation, but also the breaking up of the club is inevitable.

Uerdingen President Ponomarew: “Sell shares for one euro”

In summary, not just a sporty descent. Even though the club’s stated goal a few years ago was to return to the 1st Bundesliga. In 2016, the Russian investor Mikhail Ponomarew took over the presidency of the association, a little later he became the majority shareholder.

In the end, KFC Uerdingen became economically dependent on the businessman, but it was not successful. Then there was finally a break between the investor and the association. “The club urgently needs a new investor and money so that it can be rescued,” said Ponomarew, summarizing the situation a few months ago.

“I also sell my shares in the club for one euro,” he told the media at the time. The shares were sold to the Viennese company Avio GmbH under the Armenian businessman Roman Gevorkyan.

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