News : Kilian Jornet ends up running a surprise half marathon at 3 '/ km

News :

Kilian Jornet ends up running a surprise half marathon at 3 '/ km

Kilian Jornet is proving that the route is not bad at all / Martina Valmassoi

He recently posted a video training on a Norwegian athletics track with a time of pure midfielder. A few days ago he announced that he was going to participate in the challenge promoted by the ‘NN Running Team’, for which Eliud Kipchoge, Bekele, Kamworor or Cheptegei run among other world TOP athletes. ‘MA RA TH ON’ has been a successful participation with more than 100,000 runners from around the world completing the 42,195 kilometers of the marathon in teams of four members (10.5 kilometers each). Jornet has teamed up with Swedish athletes David Nilsson and Mustafa Mohamed and with trail runner Francesco Puppi. All have completed the official 10.5 kilometers at a rate of 3:03 / km.

He had to repeat when staying 10 meters

Jornet has employed 32:25 minutes to travel those 10.5 kilometers near his home in Norway on a practically flat route (40 meters of positive slope) and at an average rate of 187 beats per minute. His best partial was in the first kilometer (2:56 / km) and the worst, the seventh kilometer (3: 13 / km), also in which it has had to face a slight upward slope. The most curious thing of all is that the Catalan runner himself has confessed that he has had to complete the distance twice, since in his first attempt he stayed at 10.49 kilometers, 10 meters from reaching the official distance, so who had to repeat it and ended up running a half marathon en route this morning.

Meanwhile, we hope that the daisy leaves off when and where will be that debut in a road test that already advanced a few months ago ...

Review the Strava activity of the mountain runner:

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