News : Kilian Jornet, for the 24-hour World Record on the track

News : Kilian Jornet, for the 24-hour World Record on the track

Jornet, going for one of the biggest challenges of his career

There was a ‘false alarm’ a few days ago. But now it is official: Kilian Jornet will race for 24 hours on the track in the so-called ’24-hour Phantasm Challenge’. As reported by Salomon, the team that sponsors the Catalan runner, this major challenge will lead Kilian, who made his debut in a road event a few weeks ago, to put his body back to the limit.

The notice

“This week, Salomon athlete Kilian Jornet comes down from the mountains to test his endurance on tarmac. The most decorated mountain runner in history will race for 24 consecutive hours on a track in Norway“, Says Salomon on its website, where it adds that” the start time of the Kilian Phantasm 24 challenge will vary slightly depending on the time, so check it again here or on social networks, through the Salomon accounts and of Kilian, to be well informed. Although we don’t expect you to watch 24 hours at a time (unless you can’t resist), Kilian’s entire career will be streamed live here on “

In this way, we do not know the exact date or time when Jornet will perform this challenge. He will try to beat the mark of Yiannis Kouros, who traveled 301.75 kilometers in that space of time. In recent months Kilian has already done titanic workouts on the track, such as the one that took him to tour almost 85 kilometers at a 4:13 pace for six hours.

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