News : Kilian Jornet pays tribute to Cheptegei trying to imitate him on the track

News :

Kilian Jornet pays tribute to Cheptegei trying to imitate him on the track

Jornet tried to emulate Chpetegei on the track

Joshua Cheptegei managed to break the World Record of the 5,000 meters on the track last Friday in Monaco that the Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele had under his belt for 16 years. It was one of the oldest fund records in athletics and the Ugandan surpassed it with an almost staggering solvency. He ran the lap at a pace of approximately one minute and showed that the future of this discipline is in his hands. Well, especially on her legs. One of those who has joined the ‘tributes’ has been Kilian Jornet, who has recorded training on the track (yes, another), something that he is doing more and more frequently within what he commented a few months ago about his intention to compete in a road test.

Something barbarous

“When I was a teenager I had two photos in my training notebook: one of Stéphane Brosse and one of Kenenisa Bekele. In this photo, Bekele was wearing a gray jersey when he broke the 5000m world record. Cheptegei ran this distance almost 2 ″ faster, in 12'35 ″. When you watch these races on TV (or especially online) it seems almost effortless and it's hard to realize how fast they go.. If you go to a track and try to run a single lap in a minute in call or even just 100 meters in 15 ″ you will understand how incredibly fast it is to run at that speed for 5k, 12.5 laps or 50 times 100 meters! ” , says the Catalan, accompanying the text of a video in which he appears training with his little son and a bee that sneaks into the camera.

A few weeks ago, he no longer gave the mountain runner a spectacular training on the track, who we are looking forward to seeing compete again.

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