News : Kilian Jornet unexpectedly announces his retirement from trail running!

News :

Kilian Jornet unexpectedly announces his retirement from trail running!

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Yes, there is a bit of a 'clickbait', we are not going to fool ourselves. But it is the news with which we have risen today and was provided by nothing more and nothing less than the brand that sponsors it, Salomon, who published a tweet and information in his account in English in which he ensures that the Catalan runner abandons ‘trail running’ and starts dedicating himself, body and soul, to… fishing. You have read it well. The brand accompanies this peculiar and unheard-of announcement of a video in which the athlete himself explains the reasons that have led him to make this decision.

Kilian's message

“They have been competing for many years all over the world and it has been incredible, but I need rest, tranquility. I need to be alone so this activity (fishing) is perfect for that"Says Jornet. To ‘curl the curl’ the French brand also introduces a few words from Salomon's Manager Sports Marketing Manager ’, Bruno Laroque, who supports the Catalan decision and ensures that the brand sees it as a new opportunity to open new markets.

"Considered by many people to be the best mountain runner in history, he is ready to stop after years and years competing to spend more time with his young family in Norway." This message is the one that accompanies the tweet.

The explanation for all this madness? Today is the so-called ‘April Fools Day’, something like April Fool's Day in many countries of the world. We hope that the Catalan runner still has a lot of rope to make us enjoy his walks in the mountains. A little humor doesn't hurt these days either ...

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