News : Kilian Jornet will attack the 24hr World Record on the track!

News : Kilian Jornet will attack the 24hr World Record on the track!

Jornet will seek to make track history / Ian Corless

It is one of the proper names of 2020 despite the fact that it has not disputed one of the great trail races (only a limited and decaffeinated edition of the mythical Sierre Zinal, in which it participated by surprise and without prior notice). Kilian Jornet has spent months training on the track and focusing his preparation on the road. Without going any further, a few days ago he made his historic debut on a flat asphalt test. It was in the 10k Hytteplanmila, the fastest race in Norway. Jornet started with a more than respectable mark of 29:59, although he ended up somewhat disappointed because he hoped to lower that time a bit.

A new challenge

Well, it barely took a week to announce his next challenge, again away from the mountain trails, the rocks and the impossible descents. As the photographer Ian Corless has assured on his website, Kilian Jornet will attack the 24-hour World Record on the track on November 8. A major challenge for the Catalan athlete, who will try to beat the mark of Yiannis Kouros, who traveled 301.75 kilometers in that space of time.

That would obviously explain some crazy workouts that Kilian did on the track this summer and that left us a bit off-kilter: almost 85 kilometers at a 4:13 pace, running for six hours. Something much more important awaits him, but without a doubt if anyone is capable of overcoming it, that is Kilian, who currently resides in the Norwegian fjords with his partner and daughter (he is expecting another child as announced a few days ago). It will be on November 8 (it may vary if conditions are very adverse) at the Mandalen track, in the Nordic country.

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