News : Kilian Jornet will be released on the asphalt in 2020!

News :

Kilian Jornet will be released on the asphalt in 2020!

Kilian Jornet, along with Pablo Villalobos

What news has given us the best mountain runner in history. Kilian Jornet, the man of impossible challenges, the son of the Pyrenees and the ‘recordman’ of so many emblematic tests around the world, has detailed on Twitter what his calendar will be this 2020 and has given us a tremendous surprise. Next winter he plans to make a raid on the asphalt and debut on a surface that was almost ‘forbidden’. "I know that I once said that I would never run on asphalt, but then I learned not to say" never, "so if training allows I will try to do a flat test."

A calendar with more training than competition

In addition, the ‘Catalan trailrunner’ has announced that this winter it will participate in the legendary Peppermint (He will continue with skiing, one of his favorite modalities, at home, where we do not forget that he has a young son along with the also runner Emilie Forsberg); in spring it will come back to his favorite mountain range, the Himalayas, to "breathe the pure air there"; In summer, "I want to focus on training and focus more on quality than quantity." It is certain that will participate in the Pikes Peak Marathon, in Colorado, United States. And in autumn the aforementioned asphalt test will arrive (without specifying where it will be, but what is clear is that it will be raffled).

It will be without a doubt one of the events of 2020 that Jornet debut in an asphalt race, far from the summits and the slope of the mountains of the world. Without a doubt, we will follow it with magnifying glass.

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