News : Kilian Jornet withdraws from the Phantasm 24 challenge after 10 hours

News : Kilian Jornet withdraws from the Phantasm 24 challenge after 10 hours

Jornet, surrounded by medical services in Mandalen

Bad news from the Mandalen track in Norway. Kilian Jornet, who was in full Phantasm 24 hour challenge in search of the 24 hour world record, has been forced to retire when it had been approximately 10 hours and 40 minutes. The organization has confirmed the withdrawal after more than half an hour.

Waiting for an official verdict, a streaming image shows how the Catalan runner has to stop just before the finish line and falls to the ground. In the broadcast, his image has disappeared for five minutes and in a very crowded chat the subject of the knees has quickly come up. It could be this or a thousand other things, even a gastric problem. Although the companions of ‘Territory Trail Media’ speak of problems in the fascia. It should be noted that the conditions to face this challenge were extremely tough. Less than zero degrees and a high percentage of the time on the cold, dry Nordic night.

Dragged annoyances

It should be remembered that Jornet already finished his debut in a road test, the 10k Hytteplanmila, with discomfort, and had to go a few weeks without running because of it. He was trying to beat the mark of Yiannis Kouros, who covered 303,506 kilometers in that time in 1997. In recent months Kilian had already done titanic training on the track, such as the one that took him to travel almost 85 kilometers at a 4:13 pace for six hours.

Kilian had traveled 134.8 kilometers. The other five athletes are still in the running, including the Norwegian Conrad Hakansson, who continues to beat the World Record.

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