News : Kilian Jornet's beautiful tribute to Pau Donés after his death

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Kilian Jornet's beautiful tribute to Pau Donés after his death

Jornet hangs a video singing a song by Pau Donés in the mountains

Pau Donés has left us. The legendary singer of Jarabe de Palo had been fighting colon cancer for years and this morning he has said goodbye to us. He has been active and offering his everlasting smile to the end. His legacy will be eternal, his songs will always be heard and they will continue to transmit that melancholy, that joy, those emotions that make us get out of bed on a sad day and draw strength from where it seems that there are none.

Hymns for posterity

It is unfair, yes, like so many other things in this life. La Flaca, Bonito, I like the way you are, Water and thirst, Scream ... there are so many hymns that leave us that it seems impossible to choose just one. Messages and condolences have come from all areas towards a person very loved by all and that he transmitted an energy and a good wave that accompanied him until his last breath.

A creepy and emotional video

One who has not wanted to miss the opportunity to say goodbye and who has done it in a very special way has been Kilian Jornet. From the crest of an impossible mountain (Matterhorn), doing what he likes best, lost among stones and slopes, has recorded a video that removes hiccups by singing the song 'Let me live', one of the hymns that we used to talk about Donés. The truth is that the scene is creepy because when anyone would be with the pulsations at 1,000 and having a terrible bad time, Kilian is relaxed and singing in homage to Pau. Jornet assures that this song transports them to Matterhorn Peak, in the Alps. Rest in peace!

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