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Kilian Jornet's most extreme training

If for something has been characterized Kilian Jornet Throughout his career he has been to push his body to the limit and always seek new challenges that stimulate and maintain him with the competitive hunger he has always shown. The Catalan mountain runner, who recently was able to do Everest twice with just a week to spare without oxygen help, has told a very interesting anecdote on his social networks about a training he wanted to undergo a few years ago, something totally new and it was intended to test how far his body could hold.

HELL, the most extreme test for Kilian

Called him ELL HELL ’ (Hell in Spanish) and the textual message that accompanies the ‘post’ on Instagram says the following:

"Today I want to tell you about one of the most interesting training sessions I've ever undergone. I call it HELL (Holistic Exploration of the own Limitations with the purpose to Learn); it means exploring one's own limitations for the purpose of learning. It is a very easy concept to explain, but more complicated to put into practice ”.

"We must isolate an element of our training and in a safe environment (important point) take it to its limit. The objective is to know our limitations as individuals to be able to put a reasonable margin of safety when we are in a real activity ”.

"Those can range from the simplest to test (for example, how long I can hang on one arm) to the most complicated (lucidity capabilities in technical situations after and during a long non-stop race with a lot of sleep deprivation - The attached image is from when I finished this type of test-). There you can understand the importance of doing it in a safe environment, so when you reach the limit you want to be in a place where someone can find you Quick".

“One of my favorite tests was to stop eating and keep running. When I was at university in Font Romeu and I started making ultras, I was concerned about the possibility of losing a supply or not being able to eat for a long distanceSo, to see what I could control, I stopped eating and continued training as I normally did (3-4 hours a day). Hunger was manageable; Power and speed decreased dramatically on the second day, but not endurance. Finally on the fifth day I passed out (I had reported my location so someone could find me if I didn't wake up) and I started eating again. Now I know that it is not a problem to lose a supply or if I cannot eat during a 24 hour effort.

An interesting test, without a doubt.

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