News : Kilian’s long-awaited debut on the road! Will run the fastest 10k in Norway

News : Kilian’s long-awaited debut on the road! Will run the fastest 10k in Norway

Kilian Jornet, in an image of the Sierre Zinal 2020 / Salomon

Lately we are talking more than ever about Kilian Jornet. And that the vast majority of tests in his specialty, ‘sky running’, have had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But it is that far from taking a year of ‘rest’ or of transition in the current context, the truth is that Kilian has taken the opportunity to seek challenges and train more disciplined than ever, as well as leaving us surprises such as the one that led him to run the race. mythical Sierre-Zinal out of surprise and winning, something he is used to.

For a few months now, the Catalan mountain runner has been leaving us hints of training focused on the route he is doing. Since announcing that it wanted to debut in 2020 in an asphalt test, these samples have been ‘in crescendo’. Track training more typical of a tartan-hardened athlete than a ‘trail runner’ used to doing between 50 and 100 kilometers (or even more) in the races in which he participates.

A debut on a very fast circuit

Well, it seems that the moment of that premiere en route has arrived. As reported by the organization itself, Jornet will participate next October 17 at the Hytteplanmila, the fastest 10k in Norway, the country where he resides, and where, for example, Jakob Ingebrigtsen last year managed to get up to 27:54. Yes, that same athlete who is the same wonder in the 800, than in the 1,500, 3,000 or 5,000. He doesn’t care about everything.

This test could be framed within the preparation for something more ‘fat’ (read half marathon or marathon), but at the moment we have no more information than that. What is clear is that Valencia is still standing on December 6, has confirmed its celebration only with the elite, and it is a plausible possibility that could explain this preparation that the Catalan has been carrying out. We will see. For now, starting fire in a very fast 10k.

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