News : Kipchoge and company may compete

News :

Kipchoge and company may compete

Kenyan athletes will be able to take international flights

Magnificent news in this time of uncertainty, anguish and doubt in the world in general and in sport in particular. We have spent months making cabal and trying to see the light on when the races can be resumed with a certain normality and athletes from around the world will be able to meet again and move freely to attend the main tests that are still to be held this 2020.

Several and the 'majors' have been forced to cancel their editions for not being able to deal with the restrictions and the health situation resulting from the coronavirus crisis, but those who are still in the fray continue to work to be a reality. And within this fight they have received good news, something that sadly does not abound in recent times. There is an asterisk in all of this. And this is one of the measures that the country's president has announced, who has also stated that in 21 days, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, all of them will be reviewed and, if there is no good news, return to the point of departure.

Kenya opens the door to its athletes

Kenya, the birthplace of the best long distance runners in the world, will open its borders from August 1 and will allow international flights. The Kenyan marathoners were waiting and waiting. Lagat, Kipchoge, Korir, Kosgei, Keitany and company, many of them with agreements already to participate in some of the big ones that must be played in the autumn (Valencia, London or Chicago still stand), it seems that, except for changes or last turns hour (something that is not at all disposable) they will be able to take international flights to do their work and compete, something that they have been wishing for weeks.

It will also be a guarantee for them and a motivation to train now with a firm objective and quite secure in the head, something that, in these times, is already a lot.

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